What was the movie best in show about?

What was the movie best in show about?

At the prestigious Mayflower Dog Show, a “documentary film crew” captures the excitement and tension displayed by the eccentric participants in the outrageously hilarious satire Best In Show. This biting send-up exposes the wondrously diverse dog owners who travel from all over America to showcase their four-legged contenders.

Who is the co star of the movie land with Robin Wright?

Robin Wright discusses her feature directorial debut, Land, with her co-star, Demián Bichir. They interview each other about everything from signature taco recipes and off-the-grid survival skills, to the struggles of directing yourself.

What’s the best thing about the movie Land?

A lot of moments and scenarios feel familiar, and while that hinders the overall experience, LAND is so beautifully shot with such deeply heartfelt performances that it earns a lot of respect by the end. The film’s biggest achievement is the its second half, and the subtle way it works through grief and pain in restrained, tender moments.

Who are the actors in best in show?

As two upwardly mobile attorneys (Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock) anxiously ready their neurotic Weimaraner and an ecstatically happy gay couple (Michael McKean and John Michael Higgins) dote on their tiny Shih Tzu, inept commentator Buck Laughlin (Fred Willard) vainly attempts to provide colorful tidbits about each breed.

Who was the singer in the movie Hotel?

Bogie and Bacall are trapped in an isolated Florida hotel with a gang of mobsters (led by the one-and-only Edward G. Robinson), as a hurricane rages outside. Claire Trevor won an Oscar for her portrayal of Robinson’s moll, a washed-up nightclub singer whose heartbreakingly off-key delivery of a song provides one of the film’s most poignant moments.

Who are the actors in the movie Hotel?

This film adaptation of the Tennessee Williams’ play is set in a ramshackle hotel on the Mexican coast. It features Richard Burton’s fevered performance of a defrocked minister—turned tour guide—wrestling his demons and a handful of intriguing women, including Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr and one of screendom’s all-time nubile temptresses, Sue Lyon.