What were the names of the pirate radio stations?

What were the names of the pirate radio stations?

The first, Radio Caroline, had begun regular broadcasting on Saturday 28 March 1964, off the coast of Felixstowe. Others, such as Radio Atlanta (Frinton-on-Sea), Radio Scotland (Dunbar / Troon), Radio 390 (Red Sands Fort, Whitstable) and Radio London (Frinton-on-Sea), soon followed building up an audience of millions.

What strain is pirate radio?

Bred by The Farm Genetics, Pirate Radio is a sativa-dominant cross between Somali Taxi Ride and Sour Bubble, resulting in an intense strain with powerful cerebral effects. Its flavor is piney while the buds consist of long, fluffy colas that are covered in trichomes.

How can I listen to pirate radio?


  1. “Alexa, play Pirate FM”
  2. Google Home. “Ok Google, play Pirate FM”
  3. Apple HomePod. “Hey Siri, play Pirate FM”
  4. Chromecast.

What was the first pirate radio station?

The first of the ‘modern’ pirates was actually Radio Mercur, which operated from a small fishing boat off Denmark in 1958. It didn’t last too long, but was joined by Radio Veronica off the Dutch coast in April 1960 (and which would keep broadcasting for the next 15 years).

Which pirate radio station has the most important and long running broadcasting history?

The longest being Radio Mercur. Though it is the longest lasting non-commercial pirate radio station in the history of Denmark. The leftwing activist website has evidence that Byens Radio broadcast from 31 December.

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Created by Humboldt Seed Organization by crossing Blueberry with Sour Diesel #2, Sour Blueberry is a sativa-dominant hybrid with dense buds covered in orange hairs. The enticing aroma is accompanied by a taste of wild berries and citrus fruit, and the high is often described as cerebral and invigorating.

Where did the movie pirate radio come from?

The film Pirate Radio takes its inspiration from a time when Britannia’s rock ruled the waves. The Boat That Rocked: Radio Caroline, broadcast at sea from the vessel Mi Amigo, was one of the many pirate-radio stations that anchored off the coast of England during the 1960s.

Are there any pirate radio stations in London?

In London, stations such as RFM (Rock FM) and London Rock, and in Manchester KFM Radio would spring up to cater for those music genres during the mid-late 1980s. In 1989, a London pirate radio station Q102 would become a short-lived but hugely influential station in the breaking of early 1990s indie and Britpop bands.

What did the Broadcasting Act 1990 do to pirate radio?

The Broadcasting Act 1990 led to the brief decline of UK pirate radio by encouraging diversity in radio and opening up the development of commercial radio, whilst bringing in tougher penalties for those caught in unlicensed broadcasting.

Why was it a crime to pirate music in Britain?

In 1967 the British government made it a crime to supply music, commentary, fuel, food and water — and, most significantly, advertising — to any unlicensed offshore broadcaster. The law sounded the official death knell for most of the pirate stations. Yet the music had made its mark.