When did Nostalgia Ultra by Frank Ocean come out?

When did Nostalgia Ultra by Frank Ocean come out?

nostalgia,ULTRA. is Frank Ocean’s debut mixtape, which released on February 16, 2011, on Ocean’s Tumblr page with almost no promotion. He uploaded the mixtape to iTunes with the genre labeled as ‘bluegrass’ and ‘death metal.’ When asked why, he responded, saying:

When did Frank Ocean’s Dream Car EP Come Out?

The cover features a picture of a bright orange 1980s BMW E30 M3, Ocean’s “dream car”, in plain sight amidst lush greenery. In May 2011, Def Jam announced its plans to release the mixtape as an EP on July 26, 2011. However, the release of the EP was indefinitely delayed in July 2011 and has since been cancelled.

How many shows did Frank Ocean play nostalgia?

Both songs received music videos directed by Australian director Nabil Elderkin. Ocean embarked on a solo concert tour through North America and Europe to promote the record, playing a total of 7 shows.

Who is the lead singer of Nostalgia Ultra?

Nostalgia, Ultra (stylized as nostalgia,ULTRA. and occasionally nostalgia/ultra) is the debut mixtape by American singer Frank Ocean.

When did Frank Ocean give away his album?

After getting signed to Island Def Jam about a year ago, the label proceeded to ignore him. Until February 16, that is. That’s when Ocean decided to give away his debut album, Nostalgia, Ultra, for free on his Tumblr.

What kind of music does Frank Ocean play?

Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Channel Orange. Frank Ocean has quickly proven himself to be among the most gifted singer-songwriters of his generation. His major-label debut swings from Stevie-style keyboard breeziness to 90s R&B to mystic psych rock to crunching 8-bit funk without thinking twice.

When did Frank Ocean sign to Def Jam?

Raised in New Orleans, the singer/songwriter signed to Def Jam as a solo artist in 2009, but his contentious relationship with the label led him to share his 2011 breakout mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA as a free download on Tumblr.