Where can I donate my DC metro card?

Where can I donate my DC metro card?

FareShare has been collecting donated Metro fare cards since 2005 and using them to provide transportation assistance to homeless veterans in the Washington area. FareShare has collection boxes in hotels across D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

What can you do with old SmarTrip cards?

Riders can mail in the old card, or make a switch for a new card online, on the phone, or in person. You can also transfer the balance on the old card to a virtual SmarTrip card if you have an iPhone.

Can you return SmarTrip card?

If you lose your SmarTrip card, call 1-888-SMARTRIP (1-888-762-7874). A pro-rated refund will be applied to your card.

Can you share a DC metro card?

Can I transfer my balance to another plastic SmarTrip Card? Yes, when a registered card is lost, damaged, or stolen, the remaining balance can be transferred.

Can I still use my SmarTrip card?

The first-generation SmarTrip cards will be phased out by station, as new faregates are installed. The first stations are scheduled to begin installation no earlier than June with all stations completed over the following year.

Do the old Metro cards still work?

Metro says it will be easier and quicker to pay your fare, but your old card won’t work. The chip technology on first generation SmarTrip cards produced before 2012 is becoming outdated. You can transfer any balance to a new or existing SmarTrip card or virtual SmarTrip card on a mobile device.

Can I return my metro card?

DELHI METRO SMART CARDS TO BE NON-REFUNDABLE ONLY FROM 01ST APRIL, 2017. 3) For both new cards sold after 1st April 2017, and existing cards converted to non- refundable and after 1st April 2017, only security deposit, after deduction of relevant charges, shall be returned on surrender of the card.

How do I transfer my SmarTrip card balance?

Yes. If you have taken Metrobus or Metrorail in the last 7 days, visit our online replacement page to transfer your balance to another SmarTrip card. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-888-SMARTRIP.

Can multiple people use same DC metro card?

You use your card to enter the Metro system, you use your card to exit; they deduct the correct amount. You can also use it on pretty much any bus in the city and suburbs, you use it when you enter, they subtract the correct amount. But it can NEVER be used by more than one person at a time.

Can I use one MetroCard for family?

Pay-Per-Ride Fares Up to four people can ride together on a single Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. If multiple people are riding together on the same MetroCard the first person can swipe the card through the necessary number of times and other riders can walk through the turnstile following them.

How to get a DC Metro reduced fare photo ID?

Visitors to the DC Metro area can be issued a 30-day temporary courtesy Reduced Fare SmarTrip Photo ID Card. Visit the Transit Accessibility Center. Discounted fares for passengers of the age of 65 and older with Senior SmarTrip available in both plastic and digital versions.

When does the d.c.metro stop using SmarTrip cards?

D.C. Metro Phasing Out Older SmarTrip Cards On April 9, 2021, Metro announced that they would be phasing out their first generation SmarTrip Card which contains outdated chip technology. The cards are being phased out due to the installation of new fare gates in Metro stations, which will begin in June 2021.

Are there any discounts for seniors on Metrobus?

Customers with Senior SmarTrip or Reduced Fare Photo ID Card are eligible for the following discounts: 50% off peak fare on Metrorail; $1 fare on regular Metrobus routes using cash or SmarTrip; $2.10 on Express Metrobus routes; $3.75 on Airport Express Metrobus routes; Receive a discounted fare on the following participating bus service providers:

Can a person with a disability pay for a metro bus?

People with disabilities who have a valid Metro Disability ID card may ride for half the peak fare on Metrorail, and for $1.00 cash or cash or paying with a SmarTrip® card, on regular Metrobus routes, and for discounted fare on other participating bus service providers.