Where can I find Bendak Starkiller Kotor?

Where can I find Bendak Starkiller Kotor?

Bendak Starkiller could be found in the Upper City Cantina, but would only accept a challenge from the best duelists on Taris.

Is Bendak Starkiller a Mandalorian?

You may be looking for other uses of “Starkiller” or the criminal Bendak. Gorse Bendak was a Human male former miner-turned Mandalorian Neo-Crusader who fought in the last years of the Mandalorian Wars.

Can you get Bendak starkiller armor?

DESCRIPTION: This mod does a few things to make the game a little more interesting. First, it gives Bendak Starkiller a simple yet unique reskin of his own, a new entry in the appearance. For those who would like a little extra metal, the mod allows you to gain his armor through Zax at the expense of the bounty.

Is Bendaks Blaster good?

It is a highly adaptable weapon, and is definitely of better quality than any standard issue pistol. Bendak’s Blaster is the best normal blaster pistol in KotOR….

Bendak’s Blaster
Production information
Damage Energy, 2-7

Where is Rukils apprentice?

Malya was Rukil’s last apprentice, a Human female native to the Undercity of Taris.

How do you beat the duel ring in Kotor?

When you are in the Taris duel ring facing a melee opponent and you are using a blaster, throw an adhesive grenade so they can’t move, and then throw some frag grenades of just shoot them with a blaster (if you use one). If you are facing a ranged opponent, then run forward and attack with a melee weapon.

What happened Cassus Fett?

Fett would later engage Revan and Malak in the Battle of Jaga’s Cluster, where he became infamous for killing the captain of a Republic flagship. Fett eventually became the most wanted man in known space. The Mandalorian Wars were ultimately won by the Republic, and by 3956 BBY Cassus Fett was presumed dead.

Can you persuade Zax?

Zax will offer four bounties. The usual reward for a complete bounty is 300 credits; however, a player with a high persuade skill can persuade him to raise the reward to 400 credits. Note that this persuade check must be made each time the PC talks to Zax to collect each individual bounty.

Are blasters good in KotOR?

Blaster Pistol They were generally not very powerful. The Blaster Pistol is the weakest ranged weapon in KotOR, although there are many versions of the blaster pistol that upgrade the average power cell.