Where can I find chat logs?

Where can I find chat logs?

How to find your chat history

  • Open Gmail on your desktop.
  • On the left-hand panel, click More.
  • Scroll down until you see Chats and click it.
  • The screen will display all your chats that have been archived.
  • Clicking on a conversation will open the thread.

How do I download chat logs?

Open your Facebook account and click on the small triangle in the top right corner of your screen (1) to access your „Settings“ (2). Next, click on „Your Facebook Information“ (3) and then on „Download a copy of your information…“ (4). On this page you can select the data you want to download from Facebook.

Where are firestorm chat logs stored?

Log into Firestorm, then open Preferences → Network & Files → Directories. Look for the Conversation logs and transcripts location field.

Does firestorm save local chat?

To save or not save your chat logs and transcripts (nearby, IM /Group), go to Preferences → Privacy -> Logs & Transcripts and select the options under Save:.

How do I see Google chat history?

Turn history on or off

  1. Open the Chat app or Gmail app .
  2. Select a chat conversation.
  3. At the top, next to the contact or conversation name, tap the Right arrow .
  4. In “Conversation Options,” next to “History,” tap On or Off.

How can I Check my TeamSpeak server log?

If you widh to check your Teamspeak Server log files, follow these two steps: 1. Connect to your Teamspeak 3 server 2. Click Tools > Server Log ( Ctrl + Shift + L ) If you can’t find a solution to your problems in our knowledgebase, feel free to submit a ticket to our tech support department.

Where are the chat logs in Firestorm Viewer?

The “Chat Logs location” in Firestorm’s Preferences is just for IMs. SL Viewer continuously appends local-chat lines to the chat.txt file. Doesn’t Firestorm also log local chat like SL Viewer?

Is there a plugin for reading chat logs?

Plugin that allows to read past chat logs without having to connect to a server. Allows you to read past chat logs (if enabled in client settings) without having to connect to a particular server and without the client you had the chat with to be online.

Where are the logs in Firestorm Second Life?

You can un-hide hidden folders by going to folder options in your windows tools menu. The other thing different about Firestorm is that the cache & logs etc are in a folder called Firestorm in AppData, instead of one called Second Life.