Where do I enter verification code in WhatsApp?

Where do I enter verification code in WhatsApp?

After you enter your phone number, please wait for an SMS to be delivered to your phone. The SMS will contain a 6-digit verification code, which you can enter on the verification screen in WhatsApp. The verification code is unique and changes each time you verify a new phone number or device.

What is the phone number for WhatsApp in the US?

You have the latest version of WhatsApp installed from the App Store. You have entered your full international phone number, including the country code (or select your country from the country list). An example of a US phone number is: + 1 408-555-1234.

How long does it take to verify a whatsapp number?

The folks at WhatsApp do specify when you can try to verify your phone number again, which is 10 minutes. In most cases, however, it’s not looking as good the longer you have to wait.

Why do I get 6 digit code on WhatsApp?

Whether you’re a new WhatsApp user or reinstalling the app for the millionth time, you need to verify your phone number. That’s why WhatsApp sends a 6-digit code by text that you need to use to complete the verification process. But sometimes, the code never reaches your phone.

How can I find out what country I am in WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp. Press Terms & Policy to read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Press Agree to accept our Terms and continue. Press Choose a country. Search for or select your country and press SELECT COUNTRY. Enter your phone number. Press Help if you want to visit our Help Center or Contact us.

What to do if you dont get your WhatsApp code?

If you don’t receive your code via SMS, our automated system can call you with your code. Please wait for the five minute timer to finish counting down and do not edit your number during this time. After the five minutes, tap Call Me. Note: Depending on your carrier, you might receive charges for SMS and phone calls.