Where is the Asia Pacific Regional office located?

Where is the Asia Pacific Regional office located?

Bangkok, Thailand
FHI 360’s Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO), located in Bangkok, Thailand, has unparalleled experience in managing large, regional and country programs that require quick, effective responses from a broad range of subject matter experts.

How do I ask the UN for help?

REQUESTING ASSISTANCE To do so please go to website:, create an account and submit your request for assistance. A User Manual is available to guide you through the steps. If you need technical assistance please contact [email protected]

Is UNDP a UN agency?

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations (UN) organization formed in 1965 to help countries eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable human development, an approach to economic growth that emphasizes improving the quality of life of all citizens while conserving the environment and natural resources …

What is APAC headquarters?

The Asia and Pacific Office was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1948 as the Far East & Pacific Office. The Office was relocated to Bangkok, Thailand in 1955 and renamed as the Asia and Pacific Office (APAC) in 1980.

Where is the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO’s Regional Office for Asia-Pacific located?

The vision of the FAO office in Bangkok is a food-secure Asia and the Pacific region. Its mission is to help member countries halve the number of undernourished people in the region by raising agricultural productivity and alleviating poverty while protecting the region’s natural resources base.

How many countries does UNDP have in Asia?

UNDP in Asia and the Pacific delivers country and regional programmes in 36 countries through 25 UNDP Country Offices and the Bangkok Regional Hub to help empower lives and build resilient nations.

Where is the regional hub for Asia and the Pacific?

The Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific established the Bangkok Regional Hub as well as the Pacific Office in Suva, Fiji with a focus on the Pacific Islands.

What kind of support does UNDP give to Kenya?

A 5 year programmatic blueprint that outlines UNDP development support to Kenya, focusing on three pillars: Governance, Peace and Security ; Inclusive Growth and Structural Transformation; and Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Resilience. Interested in working for UNDP Kenya? Check out our job opportunities.

Why is the regional hub important for UNDP?

The main priority of the Regional Hub is to provide UNDP Country Offices in Asia and the Pacific with easy access to knowledge through high quality advisory services based on global applied research and UNDP lessons learned.