Where is the reset button on my Payne furnace?

Where is the reset button on my Payne furnace?

If the furnace doesn’t have a power switch you can turn off, turn off the circuit breaker controlling the furnace, open the blower housing and locate the reset button on the side of the blower motor. Press it in until it clicks and then restore power to the furnace by turning the breaker back on.

How do you reset an HVAC high-pressure switch?

High-pressure switches are available with either an automatic or manual reset. An automatic reset will automatically restart the compressor when the pressure falls to a safe value. A manual-reset high-pressure switch needs to have an operator manually press a reset button in order to restart the compressor.

What does an error code on a Payne furnace mean?

As a convenience, Payne furnaces contain a built-in diagnostic system that can alert you when something goes wrong. These furnaces simply show an error code to help you narrow down the problem quickly.

What do codes 14 and 34 on a furnace mean?

These fault codes can indicate an ignition switch lockout or an ignition proving fault. Unlike codes 13 and 33, codes 14 and 34 deal with combustion problems related to gas rather than air. Begin your troubleshooting of these codes by examining the valve on your incoming gas line. The valve should sit parallel to your gas line.

What does code 13 mean on carrier furnace?

I need your help dealing with a furnace error code 13 for Carrier, Bryant, and Payne units. These units have the first digit in short flashes and second digit in long flashes, so make sure it actually says 13 and not 31. It says code 13. Code 13 means limit circuit lock out.

What are the blinking lights on a Payne furnace?

Like many new, high efficiency furnaces, Payne furnaces come equipped with an internal diagnostic system that lets you know if the system is not running properly. When the diagnostic system encounters a problem, it will alert you by flashing a code through the use of the light emitting diode, or LED, lights located on the furnace.