Where is the WCU Ram located?

Where is the WCU Ram located?

The SSI Service Center and RAM CARD Office is located on the ground level of Sykes Union, across from the WCU Campus Store. The WCU RAM CARD serves a number of purposes for WCU students; it is not only the Students’ University ID card but Ram Bucks is a “SUPER” debit account that lives on the RAM CARD.

What is the oldest building at West Chester University?

Recitation Hall
Recitation Hall is the oldest building on our campus. Houses the School of Education, including Early Grades Preparation, Middle Grades Preparation and Special Education, and Literacy. One of the original buildings of the West Chester State Normal School.

Is West Chester University prestigious?

In its 2020 rankings of best colleges, U.S. News positions West Chester at #12 on its list of Top Public Regional Universities North. On its list combining both public and private institutions, U.S. News ranks WCU at #55 in Best Regional Universities North.

What are Ram Bucks at WCU?

Ram Bucks act as a “super debit” account. They can be used both on campus and at many locations off campus, at the campus store, and at any vending machine on campus.

What does RAM stand for in the RAM initiative?

RAM, short for Random Access Memory, is physical hardware that temporarily stores data for quick read and write access.

When did West Chester become a university?

Founded in 1871 as an institute for teacher preparation, West Chester University is a comprehensive public institution, offering more than 116 undergraudate and 86 graduate programs in more than 50 fields of studies.

When did West Chester State College become a university?

With passage of the State System of Higher Education bill, West Chester became one of the 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education on July 1, 1983.

Is West Chester a dry campus?

West Chester University is a dry campus and as a result, does not permit alcoholic beverages being consumed, regardless of age.

Where does West Chester University rank nationally?

West Chester University has broken into the Top 10 on U.S. News’ 2021 list of Top Public Regional Universities North, rising to #10 from #12 last year. The University has advanced among Regional Universities North (both public and private institutions), up to #50 from #55 in 2020.