Which is the previous draw of Rs 200 prize bond?

Which is the previous draw of Rs 200 prize bond?

National Savings 200 Prize Bond List 2021. Previous RS 200 Prize Bond announced by National Savings division as Draw number 86 on Tuesday 15 June, 2021 at Peshawar.

Which is the second cheapest Prize Bond in India?

200 prize bond is the second cheap prize bond. If you have bought the 200 prize bond then you can check the draw online. To check Rs. 200 bond result online search the draw number above, you can also check the schedule and Rs. 200 prize bond list 2019. The first prize of two hundred rupees 200 RS. Prize bond amount is Rs. 750000.

What is Prize Bond 100 and 200 Ki completeseries?

Prize bond 100 and 200 ki completeseries ho to contact me 03003212093 from Hyderabad. The government issues the prize bond for the public. A prize bond is a type of lottery. As its name indicates, the government gives prizes instead of interest on fixed amounts after regular intervals.

How often is the prize bond of 200 drawn in Pakistan?

The prize bond of 200 is drawn four times in a year. Prize bond draw ceremony is held in the major cities of Pakistan. In the ceremony, there is the participation of the prize bond committee and the public. Mostly the prize bond is drawn in the middle of the month. The months in which the prize bond of Rs. 200 is drawn are as follows:

How many lucky numbers are included in 200 prize bond?

Otherwise, other prize bonds have only three lucky numbers included in the third prize announcement. The first prize amount of 200 prize bond list is 750000 (Seven Lac & fifty thousand) elected for only one lucky number.

Which is the lowest value Prize Bond in Pakistan?

The draw RS. 200 Prize Bond Result held at Peshawar city check online. Here you can download all 200 Prize Bond list of Past results by This least value prize bond in Pakistan having the lowest value from all denominations. This is also called a small welfare Prize bond in short terms.