Which river runs through Canterbury?

Which river runs through Canterbury?

Great Stour
Great Stour, river in the county of Kent, England. It flows through The Weald, past Ashford, to Canterbury and Sandwich.

Can you walk along the River Stour?

The walk can be completed over a long weekend or in shorter sections. The Stour Valley walk meanders through the Kent Downs AONB from the source of the River Stour in Lenham to Canterbury. Follow the green ‘Stour Valley’ walking signs that feature the Stour walk’s heron symbol.

Can I kayak on the River Stour?

Canoe Wild operate predominantly along the 5 mile stretch of the River Stour from Fordwich to Grove Ferry. They provide kayak and canoe tours along the River Stour allowing you to take in the local area and wildlife at a leisurely paddle.

Can you kayak through Canterbury?

Taking in the scenery by Canoe, Kayak, or Paddle Board you can enjoy having an adventure, spending time with family and friends as well as observing some wonderful wildlife. School and Scout groups can also experience time out on the water, enjoying multi-activities, paddle lessons and raft building.

Does Canterbury have a river?

The River Stour /ˈstaʊər/ is a river in Kent, England that flows into the North Sea at Pegwell Bay. The historic city of Canterbury is situated on the river, as are the former Cinque Port of Sandwich and the railway town of Ashford. …

What rivers run through Kent?

The Kent Downs is crossed by three major rivers, the Darent, Medway and Stour which carve their way through the Kent Downs landscape.

  • The River Darent is a chalk stream that flows between Westerham and Dartford Marshes in West Kent.
  • The River Medway is a major tidal river and an important east-west divide in mid Kent.

Is the River Stour safe to swim in?

River Stour Swimming in rivers is not recommended for inexperienced swimmers or children. Currents can vary, surfaces are often rocky and slippery, and rivers are not monitored by lifeguards. Experienced swimmers can enter the River Stour in several places, including a mooring platform near the Fordwich Arms.

Do I need a licence to kayak on the River Stour?

If you want to canoe on many rivers and canals you will need a ‘licence’ to do so. The navigation authority for the Suffolk/Essex River Stour is the Environment Agency. You can register your craft (powered or unpowered) with the Environment Agency (their season runs 1 Apr-31 Mar). …

Do I need a licence to kayak on the Stour?

If you only want to paddle on the River Stour at Dedham, the River Stour Trust do a licence. Remember this is for one River which is also covered by British Canoeing. Some rivers, like The Chelmer, have separate licensing.

Where can I use my own kayak in Kent?

Kent’s Canoe Clubs

  1. Bewl Water Outdoor Centre, Lamberhurst, Kent.
  2. Maidstone Canoe Club, Maidstone, Kent.
  3. Seapoint Canoe Centre, Seabrook, Kent.
  4. Pirates Canoe Club, Maidstone, Kent.
  5. Tonbridge Canoe Club, Tonbridge, Kent.
  6. White Water Action, Medway.

Do I need a Licence to kayak on the Stour?

Is the River Stour in Canterbury good for fishing?

To conclude, the River Stour running through the centre of the city is not managed as a fishery and the river is not best-suited to the activity of fishing. Those wishing to fish the River Stour are encouraged to join the Canterbury and District Angling Association.

Where is the Great Stour estuary in Kent?

The Great Stour estuary at Plucks Gutter and Grove Ferry is renowned for its coarse fishing, particularly bream stocks. The lower-lying parts of Canterbury have in the past been particularly prone to flooding . The River Stour (Kent) Internal Drainage Board has the responsibility of reducing that risk in the river catchment area

Where does the Little Stour and the Great Stour meet?

Above Plucks Gutter, where the Little Stour joins it, the river is normally known as the Great Stour. The upper section of the river, above its confluence with the East Stour at Ashford is sometimes known as the Upper Great Stour or West Stour.

Where did the River Stour get its name?

The river Stour. AS TO THE RIVER STOUR, which runs through this city, the Britons are said, in general, to have called their rivers by the name of dour, which, in their language signified water; whence this city was called by the Romans, Durovernum; though it is written by Bede and others, Dorovernia, and Dorobernia; all names, however,…