Who does Matt the bachelor end up with?

Who does Matt the bachelor end up with?

Happily ever after? Matt James chose Rachael Kirkconnell over Michelle Young during the season 25 finale of The Bachelor on Monday, March 15.

How does Matt’s season end?

The first broadly followed the template for every season finale in the show’s history: Matt James introduced his two finalists, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell, to his family, fretted over his decision, and then ultimately gave his last rose to Rachael before the two literally rode off into the sunset in a …

Who won the Bachelor 2013?

This season features 29-year-old Sean Lowe, a former Kansas State football player from Irving, Texas. Lowe placed third as a contestant during the eighth season of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard. The season concluded on March 11, 2013 in which Catherine Giudici was named the winner and eventually became his wife.

Does Matt end up with Michelle?

Matt James has ended things with Michelle Young. During Monday night’s Bachelor finale, Matt broke up with Michelle, a teacher, while on their final date. The move came as a surprise to viewers, as Matt chose to end things with Michelle before going on his last date with his other potential pick, Rachael Kirkconnell.

Are Matt and Rachael still together 2021?

After reconnecting in California in April 2021, Matt confirmed that he has seen Rachael “a handful of times” since their split. He told People the same month, “I’m not pursuing any relationships right now outside of that. I said I was going to focus on my relationship with her and that means focusing on it.”

Are Matt and Rachel together from The Bachelor?

Rachael Kirkconnell won Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” But after photos of Kirkconnell at a plantation-themed party emerged, they broke up. In May, they confirmed they’re back together, and they have since made their Instagram debut.

Who wins Matt’s season?

Rachael Kirkconnell
Matt James’ historic yet controversial season of “The Bachelor” has finally come to an end. Rachael Kirkconnell, the contestant who was at the center of the season’s off-screen drama, was selected as James’ winner.

How does The Bachelor end 2021?

The season concluded on March 15, 2021, with James choosing to pursue a relationship with 24-year-old graphic designer Rachael Kirkconnell. However, during the After the Final Rose special, it was revealed that James had broken up with Kirkconnell after her racially insensitive past came to light.

How long have Sean and Catherine been together?

With that said, Sean also made it clear that those relationship woes are in the past for them: “Those rocky times that we experienced the first year or two, thankfully we don’t experience that too often anymore.” Sean and Catherine got married in 2014, so they will be celebrating their seven-year anniversary in 2021.

Did Matt and Rachael break up?

Matt James and controversial ‘Bachelor’ winner Rachael Kirkconnell are back together. Rachael Kirkconnell won Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” But after photos of Kirkconnell at a plantation-themed party emerged, they broke up.