Who had the first rap hit?

Who had the first rap hit?

the Sugarhill Gang
Formed in New York City in the late 70s, the Sugarhill Gang is one of the pioneering acts of hip-hop. Their 1979 single, “Rapper’s Delight,” was arguably the first rap song to be played on the radio and the first hip-hop single to become a Top 40 chart hit, reaching No.

Who produced Rappers Delight?

Sylvia Robinson
Upon its release in 1979, the Sugarhill Gang’s song, produced by Sylvia Robinson, brought the never-heard before freshness of rap with the oddity of blending different rap styles and content into one big blend: hip-hop.

When did MTV start playing rap?

August 6, 1988
But 32 years ago today, on August 6, 1988, all that changed when Yo! MTV Raps hit the airwaves. The program brought hip-hop out of regional strongholds like New York, Houston, Compton and Miami and into living rooms around America. The hip-hop revolution was televised.

Who had the first rap song?

Who is the composer of rapper’s delight?

“Rapper’s Delight” didn’t just sample the beat; the string stabs were also lifted, so the entire “Delight” track was made up of pieces from the Chic song. “Good Times” was written by Chic’s guitarist/producer Nile Rodgers and bass player Bernard Edwards.

When did rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang come out?

“Rapper’s Delight,” released on September 16, 1979, was a serious push to get a rap record into the mainstream, and it worked. The song reached the Hot 100 (at #84) on the chart dated November 10, and cracked the Top 40 (at #37) on January 5, peaking at #36 a week later.

What was the significance of rapper’s delight?

These chart positions may look modest, but getting a rap song national attention was quite an accomplishment, making “Rapper’s Delight” a seminal song in hip-hop history. The winning formula was boastful lyrics over a sampled beat – a technique that became ubiquitous in rap.

What kind of car does Hank sing in rapper’s delight?

The purple and yellow. But first, I gotta C’mon, Hank, sing that song! And these reasons I’ll tell you why. And I dress so viciously. I got a Lincoln Continental and a sunroof Cadillac.