Who invented the first jet fighter?

Who invented the first jet fighter?

Frank Whittle, an English inventor and RAF officer, began development of a viable jet engine in 1928, and Hans von Ohain in Germany began work independently in the early 1930s. In August 1939 the turbojet powered Heinkel He 178, the world’s first jet aircraft, made its first flight.

What is the advantage of a flying wing?

Aerospace engineers have long been aware of the advantages of flying wing aircraft — reduced weight, and drag, and thus higher top speeds and lower fuel consumption — but it has so far proved impossible to build a flying wing that’s large enough to transport hundreds of people in comfort.

Is the Ho 229 good?

The Horten 229 flying wing is a dogfighter, heavy-fighter, or even an attacker. This is, however, the Horten’s literal downfall; the weight. Its acceleration is awful, even for jets. But the energy retention is great and climb acceptable.

What is the best German plane in war thunder?

The Workhorse fighter of the German Tree is Me 109 (listed as its official military designation in game as the BF 109). The Do 217, ME 110 and 410, and HS 129 are the essential German ground attack aircraft. heavily armed, and surprisingly maneuverable at low altitudes(100ft-5000ft), With skillful piloting, the DO.

Which was the first fighter jet?

The Messerschmitt Me 262, nicknamed Schwalbe (German: “Swallow”) in fighter versions, or Sturmvogel (German: “Storm Bird”) in fighter-bomber versions, was the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft.

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