Who is mistaken for the dreaded government inspector?

Who is mistaken for the dreaded government inspector?

Ivan Khlestakov
Aleksandr Pushkin provided Gogol with the theme of the drama, in which a well-dressed windbag named Ivan Khlestakov, who has been mistaken for the dreaded government inspector, is bribed and fêted by village officials in the hope of turning his attention away from their maladministration.

Who is the mayor in government inspector?

The mayor is the leader of the group of officials that run the small Russian town, all of them corrupt. He, along with the rest of them, are terrified at the news that an inspector will soon be coming to their town to check things out.

What are two of the main themes of the Government inspector?

The Government Inspector ridicules the extensive bureaucracy of the Russian government under the tsar as a thoroughly corrupt system. Universal themes of human corruption and the folly of self-deception are explored through this drama of Russian life.

What are the themes in the government inspector?

The themes of the play include human gullibility and vanity, greed, political corruption, provincial morals and manners, deception and self-deception, and the exposure of pretentiousness and folly.

What kind of governor is Anton Antonovich?

Anton Antonovich – the governor. His power is limited and he wasn’t very smart or educated. He is a violent taker of other people’s property and acoward that was ready to do anything to get onto the inspector’s good side. He forgot how to be careful and got fooled over.

Who is Osip in government inspector?

Ossip, the middle-age servant of Hlestakov, muses that his master, a young man of about twenty-three years, is a government clerk of the lowest rank, who has lost all of his money gambling, and is unable to pay his bill for two weeks’ food and lodging at the inn.

What is the theme of the drama The Government Inspector?

Who are the brothers of the Government Inspector?

The brothers Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky, two local landowners, rush in to inform the governor and his officials that they have seen the government inspector staying at the local inn. As the governor is leaving to greet the “Very Important Person” at the inn, his wife and his daughter, Marya, enter, asking about the inspector.

Who are the townspeople in the Government Inspector?

Two townspeople, Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky, rush over to the officials and tell them they that think the government inspector is already here and they have seen him. He is a young, slight man staying at the inn, and he acts just the way a government inspector would act; also, he hasn’t paid his bill yet.

What happens to hlestakov in the Government Inspector?

Hlestakov makes the most of this misconception, weaving elaborate tales of his life as a high-ranking government official and accepting generous bribes from the town officials. After insincerely proposing to the governor’s daughter, Hlestakov flees before his true identity is discovered.

What are the instructions of the Government Inspector?

The governor explains that this government inspector is to arrive “incognito” with “secret instructions” to assess the local government and administration of the town. The governor, in a panic, instructs his officials to quickly cover up the many unethical practices and general corruption of the local town authorities.