Who is piccolo in the Dragon Ball Saga?

Who is piccolo in the Dragon Ball Saga?

A wise and cunning warrior, he was the main antagonist in the final saga of Dragon Ball, the Piccolo Jr. Saga, and was thus a ruthless enemy of Goku.

What kind of food does Piccolo eat in Dragon Ball Z?

Unlike most Namekians, Piccolo has a history of consuming solid food in addition to the Namekian’s normally liquid diet of water. As a child, he is seen catching and eating a fish. Even after it is revealed Namekians only require water to survive, Piccolo occasionally eats solid food.

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Where does Piccolo go in the Cell Saga?

With Piccolo serving as the base form, they merge into one being, becoming the nameless Namekian once again, himself stating that he was now no longer Kami or Piccolo. Cell Saga Main articles: Imperfect Cell Saga , Perfect Cell Saga , and Cell Games Saga Piccolo rushes to Ginger Town, the location of this murderous new enemy .

Why did King Piccolo dispose of the Dragon Balls?

King Piccolo also happens to be somewhat manipulative, as demonstrated when he used Emperor Pilaf and his associates, Mai and Shu, to gather the Dragon Balls for him. Rather typically, he decided to dispose of them when he figured that he no longer had a use for them.

What does King Piccolo do after he kills Goku?

After King Piccolo removes the robe for better performance, he nearly kills Goku with simple blasts and temporarily stops his heart, which may imply that, like his son Piccolo Junior ‘s cape, his robe is weighted. ” Reports tell me that the present king is nothing more than a bleeding-heart peace-lover!

How much power does King Piccolo have in Dragon Ball Z?

It is stated in Weekly Jump and Daizenshuu 7 that his and Goku’s power levels are 260 during their fight at King Castle, and Daizesnhuu 7 also states that King Piccolo with his youth restored has power rivaling a small nuclear bomb.