Who plays miriam gergich?

Who plays miriam gergich?

Maliabeth Johnson
“Parks and Recreation” Jerry’s Retirement (TV Episode 2013) – Maliabeth Johnson as Miriam Gergich – IMDb.

Who owns Grgich Hills estate?

Mike Grgich

Grgich Hills Estate
Location Rutherford, California, USA
Appellation Rutherford AVA
Founded 1977
Key people Mike Grgich, Winemaker, Proprietor/President & CEO Ivo Jeramaz, Vice President of Vineyards and Production, Violet Grgich, Co-Proprietor/VP Operations, Sales & Marketing

Who plays the Gergich family?

Jim O’Heir
Gerald Gergich (also known as Garry, Jerry, Larry, Terry, and Barry) (February 29, 1948 – February 29, 2048) is a fictional character in the TV series Parks and Recreation, portrayed by Jim O’Heir….Jerry Gergich.

Garry Gergich
Gender Male

Who plays Millicent Parks and Rec?

Sarah Wright
If you recognize Sarah Wright, it’s probably because you own a television. She’s guest-starred on Mixology, Happy Endings, and Hello Ladies—and she plays Jerry’s daughter, Millicent Gergich, on Parks and Rec.

How old is Violet Grgich?

“It’s time,” the 94-year-old Grgich, who lives in Calistoga, said at an October board meeting. “I know that my dream is in good hands.”

Who plays Gail Parks and Rec?

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley Cast as Jerry’s Wife in ‘Parks and Recreation’ The model and actress will play the often-mentioned character of Gayle.

Who is Sarah Wright Olsen married to?

Eric Christian Olsenm. 2012
A. J. Masonm. 2005–2006
Sarah Wright/Spouse

Why did Chris and Millicent break up?

Fans eventually learn that although Chris is a confident man, he’s also very lonely. After a dry spell, he ends up dating Jerry’s daughter Millicent and the two appeared very happy together. As time went on, however, she broke up with him just as he was asking her to move in with him.

Who is Jerry Gergich his wife?

Jerry is a practicing Roman Catholic. His happy home life, stunningly attractive wife Gayle (Christie Brinkley), and three daughters bemuse his co-workers who only know him from the office. One of Jerry’s daughters, Millicent (Sarah Wright), dates Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) for much of season 4.