Who was Alessio Interminelli da Lucca?

Who was Alessio Interminelli da Lucca?

As it turns out, the sinner is Alessio Interminei of Lucca, a noble member of the White Guelph party, whom Dante apparently found worthy of direct attack. Writing canto 18, one can only imagine, must have offered some form catharsis. Dante is unabashed and unreserved.

Who is Jason in Dante?

Jason, leader of the Argonauts (named for the Argos, the first ship) in their quest for the golden fleece of Colchis, stands out in the first ditch among the seducers–joined in the pit by the pimps and panderers moving in the opposite direction–as a large, regal figure enduring the torments of hell with no outward …

What is the punishment of the flatterers?

Dante’s punishment for flattery—immersion in feces—exploits the long-standing association of flattery with excrement. Full of crap while alive, in death flatterers are plunged into it. While the passage devoted to flatterers is short, it’s memorably pungent.

What is the punishment for flatterers in the Inferno?

What happens in Canto 18 of Dante’s Inferno?

Canto 18 takes Dante and Virgil through the first two trenches of Malebolge, or the ”evil ditches” of the eighth circle of hell. Malebolge consists of ten concentric ditches that get deeper as they go further in, as well as bridges that run across these ditches.

How does Dante describe the eighth circle of Hell?

Virgil and Dante find themselves outside the Eighth Circle of Hell, known as Malebolge (“Evil Pouches”). Dante describes the relationship between the circle’s structure and its name: the circle has a wall running along the outside and features a great circular pit at its center; ten evenly spaced ridges run between the wall and the pit.

Who is the White Guelph in Dante’s Inferno?

Alessio Interminei: A White Guelph; a flatterer with “slick” manners Dante describes the region in Hell called the Malbowges, or Evil Pockets. He explains that this area is made of iron-gray stone and has ten divisions.

Who are the simoniacs in Inferno Canto XIX?

At the beginning of Canto XIX, before he and Virgil (or the readers) have even looked into the Third Pouch, Dante launches into an angry, six-line speech against these Simoniacs, followers of Simon Magus, a Samaritan sorcerer who tried to “buy” the gifts of the Holy Ghost.