Who was Odon Edmund Josef von Horvath?

Who was Odon Edmund Josef von Horvath?

Ödön Edmund Josef von Horváth. Written By: Ödön Edmund Josef von Horváth, (born December 9, 1901, Fiume, Hungary [now Rijeka, Croatia]—died June 1, 1938, Paris, France), Hungarian novelist and playwright who was one of the most promising German-language dramatists of the 1930s and one of the earliest antifascist writers in Germany.

Where did Odon von Horvath go to school?

Horváth was the oldest son of an Austro-Hungarian diplomat of Hungarian origin from Slavonia, Edmund (Ödön) Josef Horvát, and Maria Lulu Hermine (Prehnal) Horvát, who was from an Austro-Hungarian military family. From 1908 he attended elementary school in Budapest and later the Rákóczianum, where he was educated in Hungarian.

What did Odon von Horvath find in the Bavarian Alps?

Ödön von Horváth was once walking in the Bavarian Alps when he discovered the skeleton of a long dead man with his knapsack still intact. Von Horváth opened the knapsack and found a postcard reading “Having a wonderful time”. Asked by friends what he did with it, von Horváth replied “I posted it”.

Where was Odon von Horvath buried in Paris?

Ödön von Horváth was buried in Saint-Ouen cemetery in northern Paris. In 1988, on the 50th anniversary of his death, his remains were transferred to Vienna and reinterred at the Heiligenstädter Friedhof .