Who wore number 95 for the Bengals?

Who wore number 95 for the Bengals?

Dan Wilkinson

No. 99, 95, 72
Born: March 13, 1973 Dayton, Ohio
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight: 340 lb (154 kg)
Career information

Who is number 92 on the Bengals?


NO Player HT
91 T. Hendrickson Bengals’ Trey Hendrickson: Back-to-back weeks with sack Trey Hendrickson Bengals’ Trey Hendrickson: Back-to-back weeks with sack 6-4
92 B. Hill 6-3
44 D. Hodge 6-1
94 S. Hubbard 6-5

Who is number 13 on the Bengals?

Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas makes leaping catch for 29 yards on 3rd-down.

Who is the dirtiest player in NFL history?

Conrad Dobler
Conrad Dobler was the dirtiest player EVER. Vicious hits, including a helmet-to-helmet on Jerry Rice, earned him suspensions galore and nearly a quarter million dollars worth of fines from the NFL. Frequently topped the NFL’s Dirtiest Player poll throughout his 15 year career. The definition of dirty.

Where is Dan Wilkinson now?

LANCASTER, Ohio — After 13 years in the NFL, former Buckeye great Dan Wilkinson plans to open a string of AAMCO service centers in southern Ohio.

Where is AJ Green now?

Arizona Cardinals#18 / Wide receiver
A. J. Green/Current teams
Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is currently undergoing a serious return to form with the 4-0 Arizona Cardinals. Over his first four appearances with his new team, Green has caught 15 of his 24 targets for 248 yards and two touchdowns.

Where does who dey come from?

During the 1981 Cincinnati Bengals Super bowl run, their fans picked up the “Who Dey” chant. If the Bengals did not flat out just steal the chant from Louisiana, it appears that their chant comes from a mix of a local beer company and a car dealership commercial.

Where is Mike Thomas now?

New Orleans Saints#13 / Wide receiver
Michael Thomas/Current teams

What number is Mike Thomas?

80Cincinnati Bengals / Wide receiver
Mike Thomas/Number

Who was the dirtiest defensive player in the NFL?

Ndamukong Suh has been one of the premier defensive tackles in the NFL for the entirety of his career, but that’s not what many football fans know him for. They remember the dirty plays, the stomp on an arm and the questionable tackles. Suh was once voted the “dirtiest player” in the NFL by his peers.

Who was the meanest football player ever?

John Riggins. 8 of 41.

  • John Randle. 7 of 41.
  • Larry Csonka. 6 of 41.
  • Steve Atwater. 5 of 41.
  • Warren Sapp. 4 of 41.
  • Conrad Dobler. 3 of 41.
  • John Lynch. 2 of 41.
  • Rodney Harrison. 1 of 41. Don’t let his vivacious smile fool you, Rodney Harrison was one of the most ferocious players of his time.
  • Who drafted Marshall Faulk?

    The Indianapolis Colts
    The Indianapolis Colts picked San Diego State running back Marshall Faulk as the second player overall in the 1994 NFL Draft. He was an instant star as he rushed for 143 yards and scored three touchdowns in his rookie debut against the Houston Oilers.