Why are organotins toxic?

Why are organotins toxic?

Absorbed tin is mostly stored in bone and excreted via urine (1). Tin is a trace element that is required in bone formation. Tin may occur in an inorganic or organic form. Some of the organotin compounds can be quite toxic causing neurotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, renal toxicity or dermal toxicity (1).

How do you make organotin compounds?

On the industrial scale, organotin compounds are usually prepared by alkylation of SnCl4 with organo-magnesium or -aluminum compounds. Grignard reagents, RMgX, are prepared from the metal and an alkyl or aryl halide and need large volumes of solvent and are expensive.

What are organometallic compounds give two examples?

Examples of organometallic compounds include Gilman reagents, which contain lithium and copper, and Grignard reagents, which contain magnesium. Tetracarbonyl nickel and ferrocene are examples of organometallic compounds containing transition metals.

What is the blood concn of Trimethyltin chloride?

After a single gastric dose of 4.0 mg/kg trimethyltin chloride (2.4 mg tin /kg) to rats, the blood and brain concn of trimethyltin (expressed as tin) were 39 ug/ml and 1.3 ug/g, respectively, while after the 4th weekly dose of 4.0 mg/kg the corresponding concn were 120 ug/ml and 3.5 ug/g.

Where does trimethyltin go in the fetus?

Trimethyltin apparently readily crossed the placenta and entered the fetal blood and tissue, including the brain. There was no selective distribution of trimethyltin within the brain such as brainstem versus cerebrum versus cerebellum of the fetus or pup exposed in-utero or within the brain of the maternal rat exposed during gestation.

How much trimethyltin is in a marmoset?

In the marmoset treated with 3.0 mg/kg trimethyltin chloride (1.8 mg tin /g), the brain concn of trimethyltin corresponded to 1.53 ug/g at 24 and 0.74 ug/g at 48 hr, but between 48 and 92 hr there was hardly any loss of tin.

Which is slower to clear trimethyltin or triethyltine?

The clearance of trimethyltin is slower /than triethyltin /. Brain and blood concn, estimated 1 and 8 days after the last of 4 weekly doses, indicated a very much slower /rate than triethyltin /, approx 16 day clearance half-time.