Why did Trickling Springs Creamery close?

Why did Trickling Springs Creamery close?

The creamery and retail store at 2330 Molly Pitcher Highway were shuttered in early October 2019 after the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities alleged violations of the Pennsylvania Securities Act for bilking investors — mostly members of the Mennonite and Amish religious communities — out of millions of …

Who bought trickling springs?

South Mountain Creamery
South Mountain Creamery, a farm and creamery in Middletown, Maryland, which says it is known for its glass-bottled milk and home-delivery services announced this summer that it had acquired Trickling Springs Creamery, which is now known as Trickling Springs Organic and its storefront is now known as The Market at …

Who owns South Mountain Creamery?

South Mountain Creamery was founded by Randy and Karen Sowers in 1981 and is currently owned by Tony and Abby (Sowers) Brusco and Ben and Kate Sowers.

Where is Trickling Springs Creamery?

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
As you step into the farm store at Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania your eyes can’t help but feel hungry at the sight of local ice cream, yogurt, milk, homemade butters and jams and local cheese.

Did trickling springs go out of business?

When Trickling Springs Creamery suddenly shut down operations in late September, the owners lost more than their 18-year-old business dedicated to organic milk, butter and cheese. They lost their respect and standing in the conservative Mennonite communities of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Is Trickling Springs Creamery closing?

Is Trickling Springs going out of business?

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