Why did Twilo close?

Why did Twilo close?

During the early hours of May 6, 2001, Twilo was raided and its occupants were evicted. The authorities cited the reason for the closing was an expired Certificate of Occupancy. The club remained closed due to its inability to fulfill the long list of the city’s mandates and regulations.

What year did Twilo close?

Until its closing in 2001, Twilo was the most beloved and, its critics charged, most played-out nightclub to grace the streets of New York City since the seminal Studio 54.

Who owned twilo NYC?

But the owners of Twilo, Steve Dash and Phil Smith, hardly resemble typical New York nightclub impresarios. Mr. Dash, 52, is a Vietnam War veteran who feels most comfortable tweaking Twilo’s sound system while wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Where is Twilo located?

San Francisco
U.S. Twilio (/ˈtwɪlioʊ/) is an American cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company based in San Francisco, California.

Who owned Sound Factory NYC?

Richard Grant
”Sound Factory drew many customers who came to the club because they perceived that they would be readily able to obtain illegal drugs there,” said a five-count federal indictment of the club’s owner, Richard Grant; its director of security, Ronald Coffiel; and Randell Rogiers, who also worked in security.

Who is Twilio owned by?

A serial entrepreneur and a software developer, Jeff co-founded Twilio in 2008 to bring communications into the world of software. Prior to Twilio, Jeff was co-founder & CTO of NineStar, founding CTO of, co-founder, CEO & CTO of Versity, and one of the first product managers for Amazon Web Services.

When did Sound Factory close in NYC?

After the Sound Factory was closed in February 1995, Vasquez held residencies at the Tunnel (1995–1996), and at ArenA (held at the Palladium) (1996–1997) where his suspended booth was custom-designed by designers Dolce & Gabbana. In 1997, he returned to the former site of the original Sound Factory, now called “Twilo”.

Where was the Twilo nightclub in New York City?

Twilo was an American nightclub in operation from 1995 to 2001 in New York City and from 2006 to 2007 in Miami. The New York location at 530 West 27th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan regularly attracted a crowd of thousands to its warehouse-like dance floor.

Who are the DJs that play at Twilo?

Twilo regularly featured prominent American and European DJs playing trance, techno, and house music. Sasha and John Digweed had a monthly residency at the club, playing the last Friday of every month.

When did John Digweed play at Twilo club?

John Digweed, on his Transitions radio show on September 4, 2009, played an hour from one of his sets at Twilo from January, 2001. He’s quoted as saying, “I’ve dug into my vaults and I’ve found an hour from when I was playing at Twilo, that legendary club in New York City.

What kind of sound system was at Twilo?

Twilo was also equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system known as Phazon. This sound system, originally built by Steve Dash, was at the time unique to the venue.