Why do they call Green Bay the frozen tundra?

Why do they call Green Bay the frozen tundra?

The stadium’s nickname was spawned by the Ice Bowl between the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, played on December 31, 1967. Lambeau Field is alleged to have gotten its nickname, The Frozen Tundra, from The Greatest Challenge, the Packers’ authorized version of the highlight film written by Steve Sabol.

Who coined the phrase the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field?

— The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field was a phrase coined from 1960s NFL Films and the voice of doom, John Facenda, then popularized by Howard Cosell and Chris Berman on highlight shows.

What was the coldest game at Lambeau Field?

By 9 AM Sunday, December 31, 1967, the temperature plummeted to minus 16°F with wind chill values falling to 38 below zero. During the game, actual temperatures ranged from -12°F to -14°F with wind chills (based on the new wind chill index) ranging from 33 to 37 below zero, making it the coldest game in NFL history.

What year was the frozen tundra?

No. 1: Dec. 31, 1967, vs.

Is Green Bay frozen tundra?

Lambeau Field is home to the NFL team, Green Back Packers. The location of the Pro Football venue is out in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, and is known as the Frozen Tundra to many. Four of the coldest NFL games have taken place out in Packers Stadium. …

What is the coldest NFL stadium?

Lambeau Field
Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, nicknamed “The Frozen Tundra,” takes the honor of the coldest stadium in the NFL. The average high there during the first week of February (when the Super Bowl has been played since 2004) is only 25.6°F.

Who said frozen tundra?

John Facenda: The original voice of NFL Films (“the Frozen Tundra”) but also a newscaster for WCAU-TV in Philadelphia. A warm and humble man. His nickname was the voice of God! Danny White and 1,331 others like this.

Is saying frozen tundra redundant?

As the story goes, Lombardi, a teacher first and foremost, didn’t like the phrase because it was redundant — tundra, by definition, is frozen. He said Lombardi was embarrassed that the $200,000 field-heating system he had pushed for didn’t work. The field was supposed to be thawed, regardless of the weather.

What was the coldest game ever played in the NFL?

The Freezer Bowl
The Freezer Bowl: The Coldest Game in NFL History. In the 1981 AFC Championship Game between the San Diego Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals, the teams and fans endured a minus 59 degree wind chill.

What was the temperature in Green Bay during the Ice Bowl?

Fans at Lambeau Field watch the Green Bay Packers play the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL championship game Dec. 31, 1967, dubbed the “Ice Bowl.” The coldest game in NFL history saw temperatures of minus 12 to minus 14, with wind chills estimated to be 33 to 37 below zero.

What is frozen tundra?

The arctic tundra contains ground features not found in warmer regions. The arctic is so cold that the ground beneath the tundra surface remains frozen all year. This permanently frozen ground is called permafrost. When the summer sun warms the tundra surface, however, the top few inches of soil thaw.

Where is the frozen tundra Lambeau Field?

Green Bay, Wisconsin
The location of the Pro Football venue is out in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, and is known as the Frozen Tundra to many.