Why does my Apple music radio play the same songs?

Why does my Apple music radio play the same songs?

The most obvious reason for songs to be repeating in the Music app is if the repeat function has been turned on. Fixing this is very easy, so long as you can find the right button. When you open the Music app the repeat button isn’t actually visible on the standard-sized iPhone.

Why does the radio keep playing the same songs?

So to ensure people hear their favourite pop hit anytime they might be tuning in, stations play the odds and keep repeating it throughout the day, regardless of how many times they’ve already played it. It’s simply part of the radio business model.

How do I stop Apple music from playing the same song?

In order to get your songs to stop repeating:

  1. Open Music.
  2. Play a song.
  3. Tap on the small bar near the bottom of the screen that displays the song title.
  4. Scroll down until you see a button that says “Repeat”
  5. Tap “Repeat” until it is no longer pink (it should be gray)

How do I reset my Apple radio?

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  1. Open Apple Music.
  2. Tap the For You icon that looks like a heart.
  3. Tap View Account.
  4. Tap Choose Artists For You.
  5. Tap Reset.

What happened to my radio station on Apple music?

‌Apple Music‌ previously generated a custom personal radio station graphic based on a user’s ‌Apple Music‌ profile picture, but Apple now appears to have removed this feature, replacing all personal radio station artwork with an identical red graphic. …

How does my station work on Apple music?

To start your own station, pick a song, album, or artist on Apple Music or in your library, click the … button, then choose Create Station. You get an endless stream of music that is similar to the song, artist, or album you started with. Or, ask Siri, “Start a station from,” and the name of an album or song.

How often do radio stations repeat songs?

Stations playing new music typically have a short rotation of around four hours, while stations playing “classics” may go as long as eight hours, with a few stations promising “no repeats” where a song is not played again during a broadcast day to allow a much broader playlist (or if there is a purposeful repeat on …

How do radio stations decide what to play?

Everyone who makes the decision on what songs get played on the radio has their own individual perspectives and motives for what they initally choose to play and what they don’t….The three factors are:

  • Sound quality.
  • Great songwriting that creates emotional connection.
  • Radio manager’s personal preferences.

How do I play random songs on Apple Music?

Click on the song you are currently listening to via apple. You’ll see 3 lines that mimic like a menu or options button. You will see an infinity sign. If that has been pressed and enabled, random songs will play.

How do I play different songs on Apple Music?

Choose what you want to play next

  1. Open the Apple Music app and play music.
  2. Find a song, album, or playlist that you want to play next.
  3. When you find something, touch and hold it, then choose when you want it to play: To play your selection right after the song that’s playing, tap Play Next .

How do I reset my Apple Music 2020?

To do this go to Apple Music > For You > tap on your photo (top right corner of your iPad) > Tap on your name to View Profile > scroll to the bottom to Delete Profile and create a new one.

Why does my iPhone keep playing the same song?

It’s happened to everyone: you plug your smartphone into your car, and then cringe when that song — the same song every time — begins to play. For some reason, iPhones will automatically play whatever song is listed first alphabetically in your iTunes.

How many songs have been changed on Apple Music?

Acoustic songs have been changed to the regular versions, remixes changed to the regular version, and live songs changed to the recorded album version of the song. I have a playlist of over 100+ songs that were remixes and acoustic versions of songs and 80/100 of them have been changed.

How to stop auto renewal on Apple Music?

Thank you. Go to – in Music app – to your apple id account (via red face icon in the top left corner). Disable auto-renewal for subscription. Close the app. Go to iOS Settings > Music, disable (in this order): Close Settings app. You need to disable these two things on all your devices.