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Guidelines for writing a top-notch CV

The CV writing is surely one of the hardest parts of job hunting. The recruiters spend seconds deciding whether you are a worthy candidate just looking at your curriculum vitae. Therefore, you need to master CV writing in order to be considered for the job and get the interview. Even though the task you have seems hard, it will not look that way after you review this set of tips.

Go easy

You may want to write a novel about your skills and achievements, but that is surely not something the recruiters will have time to read. As they have hundreds of CVs to look through in a day, and they will certainly not spend a lot of time reading each one, you should be brief, and write no more than two pages. Include specific details relevant to the job, and remove all of the redundant ones.

Make it suit the job

Most of the people have at least once used the ‘lazy’ approach and sent the same CV to all companies. Is this time-saving? Maybe. Is it good for your employment? Surely not! Thus, take the time to write a CV for each position, and tailor it to it. Such approach will help you secure more interviews and will show your desire to work.

Use personal statement

Do not make the employer do the math. Tell how your experiences, skills, and abilities link, and do it in the personal statement. Make it absolutely clear that you are the best for the job, and you know that with all that you have in your experience arsenal, you are the best option they can choose.

No gaps allowed

If there are serious gaps in your employment, or there are some other parts that require explanations, be sure to address them. You may not explain everything in a CV, as you also have a cover letter for such things, but at least cover major gaps.

Do not forget to update

Update your CV from time to time, even if you are not looking for the job right now. It will help you to keep the records of the significant things you have accomplished.

Check as your life depends on it

Well, at least your career does. Recruiters do look for mistakes in the applications, and when they find anything that looks like an error or a typo, you are out of the game. Hence, do not forget to check the CV carefully before you send it to the employer.

Remember about honesty

Do not feed your employers with lies, as they will most likely find out you did not tell the truth. Everyone is researchable nowadays, and companies do their research well. It will be rather awkward if you make it to an interview, and the employer will ask you one uncomfortable question you will be too embarrassed to answer as you lied in your CV.

Everyone loves numbers

While people do not really like math, they love numbers, and they are real titbits for recruiters. Make sure to back up your achievements with numbers (like increased the income by $1.5 million), and the employer will definitely notice your potential.

Looks matter

Make your CV an eye-candy. Play with bullets and white space in the file. Create a neat design that looks both professional and pretty. Everyone likes nice things, so make sure your CV does look good.

Mind the keywords

Most of the employers run a keyword search on CVs to find the most applicable candidates. Look at the job advertisement, and see which words (skills) are emphasized the most, and be sure to include them in your CV.