10 signs indicate that your company should not tweet

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10 signs that indicate that your company should not use two terminal, today no one needs to explain what is Twitter and “what it eats”. This new microblogging service is growing so rapidly that one can only shrug, marveling at his success. It is not surprising that their County it gets more and more global corporations and various organizations. For them Twitter is primarily a marketing tool, and excellent service for direct interaction with customers.

However, there are situations in which your company better not even start to Tweet, write blog posts Whats Next Blog. In particular, you better not “torturing” yourself if any of the following statements seem reasonable:

  1. Every tweet before it appears on Twitter, must be approved by the top management of the company. Remember – Twitter is a social network where communication happens very quickly. If you are not able to react instantly to phrase their customers, then why do you need it?
  2. You plan to use Twitter like a giant RSS feed. There are many different tools in order to familiarize customers with your company news. Twitter is primarily a communication, not advertising. Although within reasonable limits you can share interesting new products through your account.
  3. Do you think that using Twitter is a media strategy of your company. Twitter is only a tool. But in no way strategy! Only you can determine how effective the communication.
  4. You think “good idea” that the hired person will be tweeting on behalf of the President of your company. Authenticity and transparency is the key to success on Twitter. To tweet anyone. But it should not impersonate someone else.
  5. You do not plan to respond to direct tweets and requests from users. Once again: Twitter is communication. If you choose the tactics of a monologue – no one will listen to you.
  6. You think “good idea” to pay their “followers” because they subscribe to your updates. Every follower on Twitter is someone who actually interested in what you write. If you pay them for signing something you will get no followers.
  7. Do you think that the number of Twitter followers – the main feature of your success. In fact, as in every field quality matters more than quantity.
  8. You want to “password protect” your updates. If people have to ask permission in order to subscribe to your updates, then you are questioning the basic idea of Twitter.
  9. You plan to collect statistics using Google Analytics. For Twitter there are different services statistics. For example, if you want to know how many people went on your links on Twitter, you can use the tr or
  10. You believe you are able to market your items with whom you’ve no connection to people. Before you need to do advertising on Facebook – hear. Individuals that are view what say about so on, manufacturer, your business and your item. Join the discussion and start to become area of the neighborhood. Because you additionally become area of the neighborhood in this instance, your solitary advertising concept is likely to be recognized definitely regular.