15 facts about social networks

If you read these lines, it means that you have already updated your status and uploaded the latest pictures to Facebook, left a couple of comments on your wall and reported on Twitter. And we here have just prepared something interesting about social networks. Read, then share with friends.

  1. Jokes like “I went for a minute to look at the mail, but went out at five in the morning” for a long time are not funny. It’s not even part of folklore, it’s life, severe and, in general, very routine everyday life. Psychologists already say that dependence on social networks can be no weaker than the dependence of a smoker on cigarettes. In the States, even a special term appeared, Facebook addiction disorder. Although you can substitute any other name for Facebook instead of Facebook.
  2. We say Twitter or Facebook – we mean a social network. In fact, there are several dozens of such networks in the world. YouTube or dating sites are also social networks. And there are also “regional” contactees. Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia – have their resources everywhere. Yes, and several pieces. So the popularity rating is always different.
  3. And according to the number of users, Facebook is leading – 950 million users! These are the ones who come to the site at least once a month. A terrible number! This is slightly less than the population of China or India!

  1. The very first social network – The project was launched in 1995 and had no competitors for almost ten years. And then as it burst: LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook… At first we found all our own and other people’s classmates, and then got in touch with the rest of the population.
  2. Employees of a Latvian editorial board somehow cared about the problem of infringement of bird rights. Twitter – it’s “tweets”, “chirping”. And a bird on the logo. And real birds and computers do not. It is not good to offend the little ones. And now, please: In the summer, birds have enough and without social networks, and in winter they send a hundred and a half messages a day! Is there anything to write in response? Join us!
  3. Known fact: Originally Facebook was created for students at Harvard University. Actually, the creator of the network Mark Zuckerberg and himself there once studied. But less than ten years have passed since social networks have become symbols of the degradation of young people, at least for conservative teachers.
  4. So anonymity favorite in many social networks does not always go unpunished. For example, for hacking an account you can get not a ban, but a real term. There are already precedents. Rejected young man went to a terrible revenge – he broke off on the page of his ex-girlfriend. And, maybe even did not crack anything, but just peeped the password. However, I immediately fell under two articles of the Criminal Code – unauthorized access to computer information and violation of the secrecy of correspondence. The next time he joined only two years later.
  5. But about piracy, and even write is not interesting. There were many lawsuits. A year and a half ago they even tried to find a scapegoat in the face of one of the ordinary users. The private person laid out on his page – oh, horror! – as many as 18 songs, which seriously undermined the financial affairs of one company. But in all these cases, only journalists won – this is the best news for the front page! Apparently, not everyone is aware that this social network has long been and, incidentally, is not legally exempt from responsibility for the content of its users.
  6. In some states, the Ethics Advisory Committee prohibits judges and lawyers from adding each other as friends on Facebook! Although, following this logic, it is generally better for the workers of the judiciary not to shine in social networks – and if they are friends with future defendants and defendants?
  7. By the way, all on the same Facebook recently had the opportunity to celebrate NOT your favorite things – people, music, movies. While this is just an appendix to the program, it’s not a fact that it will get accustomed. As the poet: “I do not like when I climb into the soul!” But the developers believe that this option can be very useful, at least for marketers. Now, for example, the anti-rating of Facebook is headed by one of the candidates for the post of the president of the United States (he is also a columnist for the Fox channel) and, incidentally or not, the Fox channel itself. And what a good function!
  8. Last year in the fitting-rooms of several London boutiques there were mirrors with a built-in camera. No, no, not for spying on ladies! But very similar. The client (most likely it is she) tries on the thing, does the snapshots and, without leaving the fitting room, sends to Twitter. And now friends are deciding whether this dress goes to her or try another get-up. And, if such a girl is far from social networks, “Tweet Mirror” is still useful – you can just click on yourself in different poses and, finally, decide on a choice – and then the queue in the booth is already outraged.
  9. Fast food restaurant Burger King likes harsh advertising. Do not disdain even the cheap trolling. But what effect it gets! Three years ago, Burger King organized the action “Whopper Sacrifice”. (Vopper – this is the brand burger of the restaurant.) The rules of the game are very simple: you delete a dozen friends on your Facebook page and get a free vopper. The motto “Friendship is strong, but it’s stronger” worked: in three months 55,000 young traitors and traitors took part in the action! Moreover, each of the abandoned friends was carefully sent a message, in which it was popularly explained what it was exchanged for. And how many friends are you ready to trade for a cutlet?
  10. A number of psychologists and sociologists regard social networks as a danger and threat to the younger generation. In Europe and the US, fears caused by social networks are pedophilia, nationalist ideas, all kinds of harassment or simply banal Internet addiction, as the users themselves say. And young people are more worried about easy accessibility of their contacts and other personal information. And it’s about accessibility not for some special service (they already know everything about everyone), but … for spammers!

  1. Have you ever traveled hitchhiking? Stone Age! Well, in any case, after the “Twichhiking” project. Three years ago, an Englishman Paul Smith went on a round-the-world trip without a single penny in his pocket. Helped the guy with the whole world, and the connection with this world Smith supported only through Twitter. So, with the help of their 11,000 friends, the blogger passed / swam / flew by a “twitter-hitchhiking” from England to New Zealand. So, if you think that there are places on the planet where you can not visit in life, you are deeply mistaken. Or not yet registered in Twitter.
  2. Facebook – an excellent tool for all kinds of alerts and invitations. The power of this tool knows no bounds. The 16-year-old German woman decided to invite friends for her birthday with a single click on Facebook – the benefit of the whole company on one page. Only now I forgot to put a label on a purely “personal holiday.” As a result, 15,000 people came to celebrate their birthday. And even with gifts, with drinks and snacks, with balls and banners. A little later, another hundred people were pulled up – all as one policeman. 11 guests were detained, dozens were injured from broken glass, one policeman was wounded. In general, the holiday was a success. Or maybe it was not an accident? And know-how? So many people still not every musician will collect!