3 marketing mistakes that makes everybody

In the magazine, The CEO Refresher has an interesting article about marketing mistakes. It turns out that almost every organization is doing and has no idea why business is not booming. Below will be given not only the three major mistakes a business Manager, but also ways of their avoidance (elimination).

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The truism: “the right to fail has everyone” – they know everything. Moreover, there are those employees who at least once not confused in official documents the name of its Director, didn’t put an extra digit in the office phone number. Those kind of mistakes are corrected very simply – it is necessary only to read what You have written. However, there are more nasty bugs, which sooner or later makes each Manager. And it should be fixed.

Mistake # 1

It seems to us that marketing is what we “do”.

The problem is that when we think about marketing as about a certain activity, then we are thinking in terms of sending letters, flyers, advertising leaflets etc. In fact, marketing is not advertising. And certainly not spam.

In order to rectify the situation, we need to change in my mind the definition of marketing. Instead think of marketing as what we “do,” think of it as that helps or prevents to sell the product or make its use comfortable for the client. This includes the accommodation, the attitude to each client, your name, pricing, policies, personalities etc.

Mistake # 2

We focus too much on YOURSELF.

Often we have too much credit we give ourselves. The problem is that people (read: clients) we are completely indifferent. For them, the most important – they are. So if we want to get from marketing a valid result in the first place you should think about customer needs, not on their big name. Should be four steps to cope with this task:

  1. To describe their products, and then throw out descriptions of all mentions about your company.
  2. Identify one or two attributes of Your products.
  3. To determine the benefits of the product and what needs it can be used?
  4. To emphasize why these benefits are important to the target consumer?

Mistake # 3

We are all too similar to each other.

One Bank is no different from the other, and all the restaurants do the same thing. How do you stand out in this ornament? Good news! The more similar organizations to each other, the less difference they need to really stand out.

To find what we are different from our competitors, first we find our similarities. Write a list. Then take a look at it, and immediately it becomes clear that you can change for the better and to distinguish themselves from the cohort organizations.

These three errors, which makes almost every Manager, not have to meet in our business. Should try to avoid them.