3 questions to ask your clients

Three questions are worth asking as its call we are talking about marketing, most companies make the same mistake. They build their self-centered campaign around the idea: “Here’s my product, and that’s why he’s the best!” Only a few months of effort, they grab his head and start thinking why they are unable to obtain the planned results. But the fact is that successful marketing requires more than just the distribution of features and benefits. You need to understand the needs of their clients, their deep-seated desires. And you can understand them with the help of three correct questions that should be put to their clients, the authors of BizTimes.

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What is the actual problem you want to solve?

With this issue begins any relationship with a client. You should always understand what the client needs, not your product – he needs a solution to his problem. For example, when a person goes to the store to buy a drill – she does it not because she needs a drill, and because it is necessary to do many holes. The product is only a means to an end. A tool that allows to solve this problem.

So, if you want to sell a drill you don’t need to focus on its functions and features – you need to focus on how easily it can be used to create new holes. The key to successful marketing is understanding the individual needs of your target market and creating their own approach to addressing them.

What you do not like when you buy such products?

Your customers probably already have made many purchases in the past and have considerable experience. Including the one where they were completely unsatisfied. Before you make a purchase, any person first comprehends it – even if you don’t recognize it. But it can be argued that there are many factors that can push him to buy and fewer of those who on the contrary is capable to force to refuse it.

For example: does the company have money back? Nascii quickly you can get your money back? What is your product better than competing products? How safe is buying? How reliable is the product?

Therefore, preparing your marketing campaign, consider all the situations when people do not want to buy your product. Why does this happen? Make sure that all their doubts were dispelled. Give them more information. Just “kill” any obstacles to the client that he was not even thinking about the question.

How can I be sure that you are happy?

Any client is important for business. And if you really want to earn their favor – it is impossible to treat them as “another customer”, for which it is only important to sell a product and disappear. Tom Peters in one of his books calls to make clients, business partners, real fans of the company. As does Apple. The devotion of the customers of this company are simply endless.

Each transaction must have a very big importance for both sides. It does not flow. Everywhere needs an individual approach. Try to surprise clients, to inspire their Wow-effect. Treat them not only as customers, but as ordinary people with a real problem that you can solve. Don’t focus on sale, but keep the focus on the client. Focus on long-term partnerships.