5 critical steps in any marketing campaign

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5 critical steps in any marketing campaign does not recognize patterns. You should always assess the effectiveness of a tool to understand what works in your particular case, and what should not even waste your time. And yet, there are global principles without which no one is truly successful and effective marketing campaign.

Determine who is your client

Of course, you may feel that your product is necessary for everyone. But it’s not. Even Coca-Cola does not cover all people on Earth. And orientation “for everyone” will hardly help to achieve outstanding results.

Defining your key customer, you need to pay attention first to a number of demographic characteristics such as education level, profession, age, income level, and the like. All of these factors divided the people into different categories. You need to understand in which category your customers are.

Understand their real needs

Most marketers (and it’s easy to understand) start a campaign according to their own needs and goals. In such situations, often ignored the real needs of the clients themselves. In order to fix this, simply imagine yourself in the place of the client. Imagine yourself as a person from this social group. What would you like? How would you react to a similar product? What can you attract? What’s missing from grocery in order to become even better?

The obstacles that appear in front of your customers at the time of purchase

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will understand the challenges it might face when buying goods. It is important to realize that it will hinder him to carry out the purchase. Try to collect all these “no’s” from the client and to make so that they become simply irrelevant.

The marketing does not end after the purchase

Unfortunately, many companies forget about customers right after got money from them. As you can guess – this is absolutely the wrong approach. For the company it is difficult to imagine a more valuable customer than repeat buyers. If the person comes back to you again, then you have something to deserve such favour. The conclusion: we need to continue to work with people who have made the purchase.

Analysis of results and continuous development

Another mandatory part of any marketing campaign is the analysis of the results, with subsequent improvement of the activities of the company. Use all the tools to understand what tools worked well and what should be abandoned. You’ll be surprised how inefficient tools used in your company.

These steps are very General but it is exactly those principles that are necessary to effectively develop a campaign that can bring many new customers.