The principle of the “antibrand” from Marc Newson

The principle of the “antibrand” Australian entrepreneur Marc Newson first introduced its own model of interior items in Europe, the eminent French and Italian colleagues, he was ridiculed. It should be noted that European competitors laughed Marc Newson reasonably.

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First, they all worked or legendary furniture brands, which have existed for more than 50 years, or indoor lines hyped fashion brands. In Australian there was neither the one nor the other. It was modeled under his own name.

Secondly, the European furniture manufacturers have made huge marketing effort to create and maintain around their TM aura of elitism. This was considered a prerequisite for successful promotion in the luxury segment. At Newson was not the image of the designer for the elite. He openly and willingly participated in the development of cheap consumer goods – pots and pans, toys, travel bags and the like.

Third, the furniture by Marc Newson did not fit into traditional Western European notions of luxury items. For their production using inexpensive materials: plastic, aluminium, velvet, denim and the like. And the models themselves are not suited to any cultivated in Europe interior styles.

Marc Newson has achieved success due to the fact that I broke almost all of the unwritten laws luxury market. To create another classic luxury brand with a beautiful legend about the development of the company, of kings and Dukes that were supposedly her clients, the unique materials used to make branded products, in this case made no sense. In the furniture market, there have been enough such TM, and belonged to the brands of multinational corporations, ready if necessary to solve marketing war.

In addition, the famous European fashion houses from time to time presented a collection of interior items, spare no expense on advertising. And most importantly, to use the classical scheme of formation of the high-end brand meant to make your product the conventional sign of wealth. Newson wanted to work with those consumers, whose wealth and without that obvious.

On the modern luxury market, there are two types of positioning. The first and most common is the release of the goods, conditionally recognized by admission in the highest light for the middle class and the Nouveau riche, who seek to demonstrate to others their financial capabilities. The second is that he chose Australian designer – servicing the needs of members of the elite who do not want to be associated with riches.

Knowing that the target audience opposes buyers conventional signs of wealth, Marc Newson has taken the classic formula of creating high-status brand and did the opposite. For example, the luxury-market decided to focus on the uniqueness of the method of manufacture of the finished product. If the trademark owner puts the production orders in other companies, it usually do not advertise. Newson on the contrary, in many interviews says that furniture by Marc Newson often produced in the factories of its partners.

Another example can be taken to create an idealized advertising image of the founder of the brand, ignoring the ugly points of your biography. Newson also tells journalists how to steal materials from the modelling workshop, that does not communicate with the father who abandoned her and her mother when Mark was two, and so on.

Obviously, in General the principle of the “antibrand” worked. However, the designer still failed fully to exclude from a promotional program Marc Newson traditional promotion tools elite TM. Interior of Marc Newson periodically in the movies and music videos. So, sliding the chair Gluon lit up in one of the Austin powers movies, and a chaise longue Lockheed Lounge – video to Madonna’s song Rain.