5 tips for people who hate to sell

5 tips for people who hate producible business one way or another rests on the sales. But not everyone is a natural salesman. And if at a key moment when you need to close the sale, you begin to excessively worry, to doubt the value of your proposal to the client and act insecure, it may be useful to you will be five principles, published in the magazine Australian Anthill.

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The premium version

Create a second version of your product or service, which will have additional features and benefits at a higher price. This will not only give the customer a choice, but will also contribute to improving this indicator, as the sum one agreement.

The value should be 10 times more for the price

For example, product “x” costs $49,95. Offer the consumer a transmittal package, the total value of which is $499,50. You can include in this package related products, additional materials, valuable video – this will make the product much more attractive for the customer. And it is not surprising, because everyone wants to pay 50 dollars for something that costs 500.

Limited offer

The bottom line is the artificial restriction of quantity or time of the action, which is beneficial to the consumer. This speeds up the process of making purchasing decisions and encourages the customer to buy immediately. This also saves you from having to wait for the completion of transactions for a long time.

The money back guarantee

If the client for any reasons do not fit or do not like your product – it needs to have the right to return it. Guarantee of refund is the client’s evidence of the high quality of the product, and therefore it is easier to make a decision about his purchase. As practice shows, a very small percentage of customers exercise their right to return the money.

”Moral” preparation for sale

If you plan to run a special promotion or offer the product in limited quantities – prepare their clients for this event. Announce the date of commencement of the action long before it began, and perhaps even create an environment where potential buyers can sign up to in any case not to miss your opportunity. This approach allows not only to increase awareness of your product, but also creates “noise” around it, encouraging people to talk more about the product.