5 variants of the commercial offer on one page

Disputes about the length of the commercial proposal, and indeed of the texts, continue not for the first decade.

There are authors who believe that the commercial proposal should be made on the principle of “not to go twice”. In this document there is literally everything. For example, this is the leader’s parting word, sweet odes about the company and the professionalism of its employees, a description of all goods / services, successful cases (all), prices and much more, which, in the author’s opinion, is associated with the proposal.

Somehow I had to see a commercial proposal in thirteen pages…

But, if there is a result, then why not?

We adhere to the classical rule of copywriting: “The text is like a woman’s skirt. It should be long enough to cover the most important thing, but it’s short enough to remain interesting.”

As our experience shows, in order to inform the customer, the most important and to interest him, 2-3 pages of the commercial offer (including graphics) is quite enough. And to such volume (under condition of presence of concrete benefit) the client still concerns without rejection.

And in this article we will tell you about one-page commercial offers, which, like an accurate shot, are meant to be short but effective.

  1. The commercial offer of the updated product (a new version of the product) is mainly sent to former and current customers, which the novelty is able to interest.

Make an additional sale to these customers is much easier, faster and cheaper than the new one. After all, you have already managed to overcome doubts and earn trust. These customers are already personally convinced of all the charms of cooperation with your company.

In this commercial proposal, you can do without preliminary textual affection. The addressee is already “warm”, so you do not need to get acquainted with your company, achievements and other facts known to him. Some people may even be wary…

The task of this type of commercial proposal is to inform about the innovation, compare it with the previous analog and show the benefits of the new version.

You can start the document like this:

“Dear friends!

You could already verify the quality of the battery “Spark”, as well as in the convenience of cooperation with our company. We promised to inform you about new items. And now we present two updated versions of the battery, which have already passed all the necessary tests.”

Also, taking into account the strategy of system improvement and updating of your product, you prove to the customers, at least, that: the company is alive, you are eager to be relevant, develop and become even more useful to the target audience.

  1. Commercial offer following the meeting – as in the previous case, the customer is already warmed up and has an idea of who you are and what you are doing. You, in turn, are also armed with all the necessary information. Therefore, leave aside the extra curtsey and go to the point.

You no longer need to puzzle over what to start with, how to make an intriguing first paragraph, to entice the reader further.

It’s enough to start with the phrases in style:

“As we agreed during the meeting, we send information about possible solutions to the problem that interests you.”

The commercial offer should be personalized and contain the maximally specific proposal prepared on the basis of the identified customer needs.

It will also be appropriate to indicate the “hot spots” that you learned about at the meeting. Sometimes a potential client does not voice all of his needs. But, based on your own experience, you easily navigate, what else can you be interested in and tilt the scales of choice in your favor.

To make it easier for you to work out “hot spots”, let’s give a brief list:

  • profitable price;
  • high speed of service delivery;
  • more for the same money;
  • additional service;
  • high speed of service;
  • terms of delivery;
  • availability of goods or services;
  • convenient form of payment;
  • warranty obligations;
  • multiple versions of the product;
  • brand prestige;
  • high result.


  1. Promotional offer – is intended for both potential and existing customers.

The goal is clear, this is the stimulation of sales by offering discounts and other marketing activities.

Nothing increases my pulse more than the sign “50% discount”.

Sophie Kinsella. “The Secret World of the Shopaholic”

If the customer is potential, such an offer will be an additional incentive for him to try your product, evaluate it and make a decision about further cooperation.

If the customer is an existing one, the offer will be a pleasant bonus, as well as an opportunity to test something new and at the same time save the budget.

The main emphasis, of course, is on stocks, due to which you can reduce the amount of text (by reducing other blocks).

In this case, the stock should be really attractive and interested in the client.