7 false stereotypes of modern marketing

Seven false stereotypes of modern marketing Development of social media and web technologies as well as global changes and globalization has led to both good and bad traits of marketing has increased. About seven false stereotypes of modern marketing tells Andy Hanselman on the pages of Management Issues.

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We try not to lose touch with the real world. Many marketers who lack competence in social media and the latest communication tools, like to oppose traditional marketing channels newest, calling the first “real”, and the second is “virtual”. However, today the online world is the real world. Marketers who will not accept this – you will not be able to achieve success.

It does not concern us. If you don’t use (and never used before) – that does not mean that it does not concern you. And bad if you will understand it only after competitors throw you out of the market.

Either/or… Many companies put the question squarely: “What are we going to choose online or offline marketing?” Looks like they even can not think that can be mutually beneficial to combine these two types of marketing. This rule applies to any problematic issues. In order to choose one or the other – you don’t have to give up other alternatives.

Delegating to the it Department. Some marketing departments have lost faith in their ability to grasp online, decide to delegate authority in this field of the it Department. You can’t do it in any case! Experts in the field of computer technology can develop for you a convenient software but they will not do marketing for you.

To be heard is to shout louder. In fact, the number of advertising and marketing of messages does not matter. The importance of purpose, relevance and added value. Even if people subscribed to your created according to the fashion trends, blog – it does not mean that she will read it, if you are davetiye anything of value.

Social media tool exclusively to attract consumers. Indeed, social media can be a great tool to create relationships and attract clients. But, in addition, they can much more. They provide a fantastic opportunity to track trends, resolving problems and conducting the analysis. You should only learn to listen and observe.

“The old rules no longer apply. Fundamental marketing principles are the same as there were decades ago. The definition of marketing is find, attract and retain loyal customers that maximize the company’s profit. That’s all we do to find the client and turn it into a passionate consumer who again and again will come back to buy our product. Social media can make this process more efficient. But the essence remains the same.