ACE car rental in San Francisco for young drivers

ACE car rental in San Francisco for young drivers

There is a saying: “If you are sad, San Francisco will amuse you, if you are dead, it will revive”.

It is impossible to come here and not to be impressed by its beauty, landscapes, ocean, houses, unique trams, streets and people. That is why San Francisco has become a popular destination for young people.

General terms of ACE car rental

For freedom of movement in San Francisco, you can rent a car. For example, one of the most budget companies is ACE car rental. You can hire a car from ACE rental car SFO airport just after arrival or at any other its points throughout the city. But, it is recommended to think of the rent beforehand and book the car via the Internet.

ACE provides a wide selection of cars for different preferences – family, economical, small city cars and others.

The company offers such conditions to hire a car for young drivers:

  • It is possible to rent a car at the presence of a valid driver’s license and the minimum driving experience, as well as a passport (written in Latin) and a personal credit card;
  • Young drivers must pay $7.50 per day additionally;
  • They will need to pay a deposit of at least $500;
  • The tenant is responsible for any damage caused to the car, or liability incurred during the rental period;
  • The driver asks for other expenses such as fuel costs, unforeseen maintenance and new tires.

Besides, ACE car rental in SFO airport offers Collision Avoidance and Additional Liability Insurance, which release you from this liability.

On average, the car will cost 30-35 USD per day. But do not forget about the gasoline and deposit. To rent a car with all the additional costs you need to plan about 100 USD. After giving back the car intact, your deposit will be returned.

Best variants of time-spending for youth

See the Golden Gate Bridge

Take a photo on the background of the Golden Gate Bridge. It seems that comments are not needed here. The view will surely impress you.

Visit the museums

San Francisco is a city of contrast and has the incredible number of museums. The most interesting are: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Walt Disney Family Museum, The Exploratorium and Cable car museum.

Relax in the parks

In total, San Francisco has more than 200 parks. The most famous park is Golden Gate Park. One more amazing place is Lafayette Park. Located on a hill, it offers the stunning views of the city, as well as on the island of Alcatraz.

ACE car rental in San Francisco for young drivers

Drive around the city and outskirts

Renting a car in San Francisco airport, you can move freely wherever you want and admire the magnificent views.

Try local food

If you are a real gourmet and like to eat new things, you are in the right place. Gigantic portions, steaks of various types of roasting, authentic national cuisines, eateries with budget, but delicious food and expensive restaurants. All that you wish you will find in San Francisco.

Feel the Nightlife of the city

There are many various bars here. The bars Whitechapel, Heart, Pause wine bar and Bacchus certainly deserve your visit. Note that drinking in America is allowed from the age of 21, until then you will not be sold anything. Americans are very conscious and legitimate.

Walking along Market Street, you can go to the majority of clubs. Here are the three proven: Ruby Skye, Mezzanine and Infusion Lounge. Please, pay attention that there is always a dress code both in ordinary clubs and luxury ones.