How the advertiser reaches consumers

Advertising of all types and varieties so often trying to get into the consciousness of the ordinary citizen that the majority of people have already managed to produce quite natural options to ignore any advertising message. That is, we see them, but not perceived and not remembered. However, obviously, advertisers do not agree to their “offspring” have ignored and passed by, not even throwing a glance in the direction of the colored signs; switched the TV during a commercial block, etc. So the battle is heavy artillery!

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It is well known that shocks can not but be interested. Of course, the people who create the advertising campaign, could not take advantage of this fact.

Here are two examples of “original” advertisement, taken from

In the first example have the use of conflict on the football field to create a advertising video Nike. This is a known conflict between players Materazzi and Zidane. Materazzi has agreed to star in a new commercial for Nike. The plot of the movie Materazzi conducts training on the football field. The athlete literally chest takes extremely heavy objects: first, a bowling ball, then Zidane says the Rugby player in a helmet, then Materazzi RAM working with an iron pipe, then it can withstand the blow of the jeep. He went only from the machine that is demolishing homes.

And if this type of advertising more acceptable, as the party to the conflict agreed to participate in the video, the second example is appalling:

Indian Agency M&C Saatchi, advertising a facial scrub decided to play on global tragedies and the death of children. A terrible picture of the terrorist attack in new York, the atomic bombing of Japan and the face of a dead child, which dig out of the earth is not social is not a cynical attempt to force society to look at important issues. It’s just an advertisement for a new facial scrub under the slogan: “There are scars that will not disappear.”

To combat this problem, it seems, no one. Advertising agencies as customers, most think of income, which will be achieved than the ethical aspect of advertising. The broad masses as always – indifferent.