If you already promoted, do it original

If you already promoted, do it original! Modern society is so fed up with is that the vast majority of its representatives have developed a natural immunity to the latter. Still, if we really read the information from all billboards, walls subway advertising pages in Newspapers and magazines, sought out the banners on the Internet pages, listening to radio spots advertising and looking into TV commercials we probably would have finished in an insane asylum.

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Where not only advertise creativity bizarre and ambitious Agency… is the Most talented of them reach their goals, and their message into the consciousness of the consumer key. Below are 5 unique advertising vehicles from a blog Small Business Branding. Enjoy!

  1. Bumvertising – adds the advertising message to the signs of homeless people asking for money in the subway or on the street. All such people usually have a cardboard sign on which they briefly describe their problem. Some companies are already thought to place there the advertising message. Bums happy to agree – after all, they get money.
  2. Advertising tattoos. Another way to earn good money, is attached to this minimal effort. Let’s say an advertising tattoo on the forehead will bring you about $5000. But if you still extroverted and your Manager doesn’t mind that his employees show up for work in a rather strange form, then putting the parts of his body in the lease is exactly what you need.
  3. Advertising on the roofs. The concept is not new, but despite the proliferation of Google Earth, very promising. Today such advertising can be seen on the roofs of houses, which belong to the Target. At least you’ll never confuse them if you search the address on Google maps… or fly close to the plane.
  4. Advertising in space, which was the result of an initiative of students from MIT and Georgia Tech, on a plan similar to the advertising million dollar page. Students gather to launch its own satellite into orbit of the planet. But let’s not waste space on the machine! So they decided to sell it to embed the images advertisers who agree to pay a certain amount. Who knows, maybe in a few decades, the satellite will descend from an orbit and go into space. And there – and to alien forms of life in the neighborhood. Otherwise, how modern companies will be able to convey information about their products and services to aliens?
  5. Finally, graphical waterfalls are another wonderful way to distribute their advertising messages. It is very difficult to describe – can only be seen. And if you happen this is your overtime can’t take my eyes off her. What you see in the video posted at the link, it’s not just a graphic image projected on the water, and these water droplets, which with the help of special technology form of advertising signs and images in the air. And it’s amazing!