Are hog riders good clash of clans?

Are hog riders good clash of clans?

The Hog Rider is one of the best troop types for drawing out Clan Castle troops, as it can avoid Walls to penetrate deep enough to reach centrally-placed Clan Castles (and enough health to not die before it gets there).

Do hog riders attack heroes?

Since they target defenses only, they will not attack Heroes and Clan Castle troops, so always watch out for them. It’s recommended to only deploy the Hogs after killing them first.

Are hog riders good at th 9?

Make sure your heroes are at least level 15 (depending on the strength of the enemy base, my heroes are level 20 and 16). There are two main parts to this attack. The first is the rush of the golems, wizards, and heroes. The second is the hogs attacking the defenses from the back….TH9 GoHo.

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Trophy Level: 0-2600

Did Hog riders get nerfed?

On the flip side, the nerf to both the Hog Rider and Hog Glider – two incredibly powerful and popular units – has been met with a bit more contention. And that’s probably because they are used quite often in current attack strategies to three-star opposing villages (a clear sign they are currently overpowered).

What spells to use with hog rider?

Hog Riders +Healing spell

Troop and Spell Type Quantity Housing
Giants 2 10
Wizards 5 20
Hog Riders 26 130
Healing Spells 3 6

When to use hog riders in Clash of clans?

It requires some knowledge to use, but with its power, its definitely worth learning. Your troop will mainly consist of Hog Riders, and this troop should be used if you want to farm trophies and get into the high-end leagues. The setup costs alot of Dark Elixir, so will not be able to spend that on other than your troops while using this strategy.

What do you do with dragon riders in clash?

After clearing both sides of the base, release the Dragons, Balloons, Dragon Riders, and Grand Warden. Place a Rage Spell to boost their attack and movement speed, which helps them move forward to the center of the enemy base.

What’s the best attack strategy in Clash of clans?

First, simply agro and drag the enemy troop out of the clan castle and to an very edge of the map. Then spawn the rest of your barbarians and your clan castle (at this point, also consider to use your hero and archer queen). This should basicly oneshot the enemy troop (clan castle).

What’s the best strategy to kill a dragon?

As Dragons are slow-moving troops in the game, Air Defense can kill them very fast. Unless you use the spells and Heroes wisely, you may end up with two stars. This strategy can crush most bases if you understand the Dragon Riders AI and use heroes and spells properly.