Are pillar pods illegal?

Are pillar pods illegal?

Pillar pods have been illegal for years but just no policed so don’t push your luck too much or they might decide to pick on other technical stuff.

Are pillar pods illegal in Vic?

I got my patrol with roadworthy here in Victoria last year with pillar pods. The RWC inspector either did not know or chose not to pick you up on them, they are definitely illegal.

Is it illegal to have Boost gauges?

Yep! Boost gauge them self is not illegal, where you mount them can be.

Are boost gauges illegal Qld?

External gauges are illegal as they would increase the level of injury to people you drive into. Mechanical gauges are fine to use as long as they don’t have the potential to spray and oil or liquid onto the windscreen. So they would have to be installed in the place of a radio or a moulded a piller pod etc.

What gauges are needed for a diesel?

Most stock trucks run at about 35 psi max, with tuned trucks being slightly higher, so a 60psi gauge is a great place to start. But if you have compound turbos, you may want to step up to a 0-100psi version for total system pressure, and keep the 0-60 psi gauge for intermediate stage pressure.

Are boost gauges illegal?

Are gauges illegal in Australia?

Basically you can’t legally mount them anywhere where a) your head is likely to impact in the case of a collision, b) your passenger(s) head is likely to impact in the case of a collision, or c) anywhere you or your passenger(s) head is unlikely to impact in case of a collision.

Are Digital dashes legal?

New South Wales: The Surveillance Devices Act 2007 means that you can record vision freely using a dashcam, as long as you have not installed it into a vehicle or premises that is not your own. Queensland: There is no concrete legislation regarding dash cams, as long as they do not impede your ability to drive.

What is used to measure the gap?

A feeler gauge is a tool used to measure gap widths. Feeler gauges are mostly used in engineering to measure the clearance between two parts.

Where are Saas gauges made?

Why Buy SAAS? SAAS is a proud leader in the automotive aftermarket and produces as many products as it can right here in Australia.