Are Silene and lychnis the same?

Are Silene and lychnis the same?

They are very similar to the genus Silene. The difference is in the flower structures. Lychnis flowers have 5 styles and capsules that open with 5 teeth while Silene have 3 styles and capsules with 6 teeth. Only a botanist can appreciate these differences!

Is Silene a perennial?

Silene are annuals, biennials, or herbaceous evergreen perennials with attractive foliage and clusters of intriguing lantern-shaped blooms that flower throughout the summer months.

Is Silene dioica invasive?

red campion: Silene dioica (Caryophyllales: Caryophyllaceae): Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States.

What does Silene look like?

Silene regia has 2-inch-wide fiery scarlet flowers in summer on stems that may reach 4-feet tall. The foliage is downy, covered with fine hairs. Excellent in native plant gardens in Zones 4-7.

What is the meaning of Silene?

Wiktionary. silenenoun. a molecule containing a silicon atom which forms a double bond. silenenoun. an organosilene, a molecule containing a silicon atom doubly bonded to a carbon atom.

Does Silene bloom all summer?

An ideal plant for any landscape, silene has a natural ability to withstand dry conditions….How to plant and care for silene.

Botanical Name Silene
Bloom Time Spring and Summer
Flower Color Red, white, pink, sometimes blue
Hardiness Zones 5-8

Is Silene cold hardy?

Silene armeria is the plant’s grown-up name and it is a perennial in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 to 8. Silene doesn’t perform well in sweltering heat and it can only be considered an annual in colder zones.

Is red campion a perennial?

The red campion is an attractive, medium to tall perennial or biennial plant with a downy stem. Red campion is dioecious, meaning the male and female flowers grow on separate plants.

Is red campion poisonous?

Silene dioica has no toxic effects reported.