Are stealth suits good Tau?

Are stealth suits good Tau?

Stealth Suits are a rather unusual unit in the Tau codex; they do not bring particularly impressive firepower to the table, but they still can serve a useful role in their own right, and in fact one that Tau often need. With Tau being so weak in secondary play most of the time, this can be extremely valuable to have.

How are Tau Battlesuits powered?

Overview. The first Battlesuits were used by the Tau during the First Sphere of Expansion, where they were then known as the T-Series, helping capture Tash’var in 576. M39 [8b]. The fossil-fuel powered T-Series was quickly replaced by the V-Series, which used Fission Reactors.

What is tau Armour made of?

All T’au Battlesuits are constructed of a lightweight yet strong nano-crystalline alloy called fio’tak in the T’au Lexicon, which is light, malleable, impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant, reducing the weight of the Battlesuit whilst also providing excellent protection.

What are Tau Ethereals?

An Ethereal is a member of the fifth caste of the T’au species, forming a ruling elite above the Fire, Earth, Air, and Water Castes that make up the bulk of the T’au population.

What are marker lights 40k?

Marker Lights allow T’au Fire Warriors and vehicles to: Fire more accurately upon their targets. Be able to see and target enemies in darkness clearly. Call in Seeker Missiles on the target, either from Skyrays or missiles mounted on other T’au vehicles.

Are Markerlights worth it?

Rather than being +1 based on the unit shooting, it’s +1 based on the target being hit. That means the value of markerlights differs significantly based on your opponents list – if they are running a knight or two (i.e. something that is going to take a lot of shooting to kill) they’re great.

Which is smaller the Tau or the xv15 stealthsuit?

The XV15 Stealthsuit is designed to be worn by a single member of the Fire Caste, and is the smallest of all the various Battlesuit variants of the Tau, as a Tau in an XV15 Stealthsuit is hardly larger than a Fire Warrior in standard Tau Combat Armour; even though it offers far greater protection.

Which is the smallest battle suit of the Tau?

The XV15 is amongst the smallest Battlesuit ever used by the Tau – indeed the XV15 is hardly larger than a Fire Warrior in his typical armour – but that only enhances its role as infiltrator and saboteur. [3]

Who is the leader of the xv15 stealthsuit?

XV15 Stealthsuit squad leaders hold the rank of Shas’vre, and are masters of the arts of subterfuge. The whole squad is usually ritually bonded to one another according to the Tau custom of Ta’lissera, which is symbolised by a knife design painted onto the squad leader’s armour.