Are there any photography competitions in the world?

Are there any photography competitions in the world?

For more than ten years, Sony and the World Organization of Photography have held this competition in the “Professional,” “Open,” and “Youth” nominations. You can compete in different genres of photography from nature to architecture and ending with portrait, creative, or even historical photos.

Where does the British Photography Awards take place?

The British Photography Awards is a multidisciplinary competition and sponsored awards event at The Savoy. The competition supports key UK charities.

Are there any black and white photography competitions?

This international black-and-white photography competition prepares individual prizes for amateur photographers and professionals, reviewing their works in 13 categories. Participants can show all their talent in a variety of genres, from architecture and wildlife to fine art and photo manipulations. 9.

What do you get for winning a photography contest?

The winner in the amateur photography category will get $11,000 in cash, a Leica M camera and a lens worth about $11,000. 10 contest finalists will receive about $3000 in cash.

Is there an outdoor photography contest for 2019?

Outdoor Photographer is proud to present the 2019 Wildlife Photo Contest. The world is filled with amazing wildlife… For the past seven years, photographers have submitted their finest landscape images for consideration in Outdoor…

How much does it cost to enter a photography contest?

Entry fee: The cash payment is $30 per series and $25 per single photo. Additional payment for each of the following categories is $10. Prize: $3,000 cash prize for Black and White Series of the Year. $2,000 cash prize for Black and Individual certificate. Digital statue. Press coverage by media partners.