Are there any quartets that sing Southern Gospel?

Are there any quartets that sing Southern Gospel?

Redeemed Quartet Redeemed Quartet is one of the gospel quartets that come from Southern Indiana, and they are some of the youngest groups in this list. They started singing Southern Gospel music in 2017, and since then they’ve constantly put out some great content.

Which is the youngest Gospel Quartet in the world?

Fountainview Academy ,a secondary school music group from Canada is one of the youngest gospel quartets in this list. But despite their age, their music is really good, it’s creative, uplifting and super motivational.

Who are the members of the Winans gospel group?

The Winans—brothers Marvin, Carvin, Ronald, and Michael—were four of 10 children born to David “Pops” and Delores “Mom” Winans in Detroit, Mich. The brothers, raised with their siblings in a strict, loving Christian environment, grew up singing in gospel choirs and eventually decided to form a professional quartet.

Who are the members of the Chosen Gospel Singers?

It’s known that the Chosen Gospel Singers were formed in Houston in 1950, and originally consisted of J.B. Randall, Aaron Wyatt, Willie Rose, and two shadowy figures later recalled by their surnames of “Sheridan” and “Files”.

Which is the best gospel quartet in Nigeria?

Lifted Worship are based in Ilorin, Nigeria. They are rather young, but with a lot of passion for gospel quartet music. And you get to see that right off the bat. What a Beautiful Name is one of their best songs, and it encompasses their passion for religion with great musical pieces, outstanding tonal support and great lyrics.

Who are the best quartets in the world?

Amazing Grace is a masterpiece of theirs, and the fact that they seamlessly added numerous musical instruments into the mix brings in a great array of emotions. They really are one of the better gospel quartet groups out there. 2. The Living Stones Quartet