Are there sharks at Herring Cove Beach?

Are there sharks at Herring Cove Beach?

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on Thursday reported its first basking shark sighting off Provincetown’s Herring Cove Beach this season. Although great white shark sightings are increasing every year along the Cape, they are not the only large shark off the Massachusetts coast.

Which beach is better Herring Cove or Race Point?

Race Point beats Herring Cove, except one is very close to their vehicle if needed, and the walk on hot sand is limited. The view of parking lot doesn’t give the illusion of being surrounded by nature, as at Race Point, and the bathrooms seemed further away.

Does Herring Cove Beach have bathrooms?

Herring Cove Beach between Wood End and Race Point Lighthouses (facing Cape Cod Bay) has ample parking and a beach facility which includes toilets, showers and take away food for the complete ‘day at the beach. ‘ This beach has easy to access to water by handicapped people.

How much is parking at Herring Cove Beach?

Prices vary depending on how you arrive. At the time of this writing, fees range from $25/day for vehicle parking to $15 for those arriving on foot or bike (16 and older). You can get an annual Cape Cod National Seashore pass for $60, or an annual National Park Pass for $80.

Do Cape Cod beaches have sharks?

Shark & Beach Safety on Cape Cod. Recently, Cape Cod’s great white sharks and gray seals have gained local and national attention. Both species existed long before Cape Cod was settled or became a popular destination, and in recent years their numbers have increased. Sharks have existed for more than 400 million years.

Is it safe to swim in Provincetown?

The water of Provincetown Harbor is tested during the bathing beach season every Monday by the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment and the County Water Lab. The beach located at the testing location will remain closed until the water quality laboratory results show the water to be safe for swimming.

What’s the best beach in Provincetown?

4 Best Beaches in Provincetown, MA

  1. Herring Cove Beach. Herring Cove Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown | Photo Copyright: Lura Seavey.
  2. Race Point Beach. Race Point Lighthouse and beach.
  3. Dog Beach. Beach next to MacMillan Pier.
  4. Long Point Beach. Long Point Beach and Lighthouse, Provincetown.

Is Herring Cove beach dog Friendly?

5 answers. There is a dog friendly beach in P-Town on the west end. Dogs are not allowed on beaches in the summer months.

Can you drink alcohol on Provincetown beaches?

In the 400 miles of Massachusetts shoreline, drinking is only permitted on beaches that lie in the Cape Cod National Seashore (the easternmost section of Massachusetts), so take your pick out of any one of its beaches to post-up and enjoy yourself.

Is Herring Cove Beach part of the national seashore?

Because Herring Cove Beach is located within the Cape Cod National Seashore, there are plenty of great nature trails to explore nearby. This U.S. National Park is filled with land and marine wildlife, hiking and biking trails, and historic sites.

How much is parking at Cape Cod beaches?

Fees: Parking is free for town residents with a permit. For non-residents, daily parking fee in $15 and can be purchased at the beach from mid-June to Labor Day. Non-resident stickers for visitors staying in Orleans are $60 a week, $110 for two weeks, and $125 for the season.

Is there a speakeasy in Herring Cove Beach?

Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown is perhaps the only beach that can be compared to a speakeasy — but don’t go searching the sand for a hidden craft cocktail, the secrets of this beach are of a different indulgence.

Where is the best place to go to Herring Cove?

The Beach Market and Deli is one of the last stops in the West End on the way to Herring Cove Beach, which means it’s the best place to stock your cooler before hitting the sand. It also sells various beach…

How long does it take to hike Herring Cove?

The entire “hike” should take about 20-30 minutes, but it’s an experience that leaves you feeling embarrassingly accomplished. The slenderness of the actual beach area means that people spread out and all tend to enjoy water views. If you feel like the adventure should continue head left to continue to the nude section.

Where is the gay section of Ptown Beach?

While there is no clear path you’re bound to see a few others making the journey and can follow their lead. If no one is in sight, head for the horizon. The main entrance to the gay section of the beach is on the left-hand-side between two dunes. The key to it all is the tide.