Atomic bomb and domino theory

Atomic bombs were plummeted on Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the United States at the conclusion of World War II. To this day, that is the solitary instance of relating nuclear weapons in combat. The verdict of using atomic bombs is still a subject of criticism and controversy and was among the hardest verdicts confronted by President Truman, who was the United States president at that time. The United States had necessitated the Japanese to surrender after firebombing and occupying Japanese metropolises, and fighting a battle for centuries before, however when the Japanese refused the requests for unrestricted surrender, the verdict was prepared to organize something that was devastating and vast. The Soviet Union rather than being daunted by the U.S it made it their operation to themselves to become armed with nuclear weapons that led to the cold war and the nuclear arms race, a duration of tension largely between the Soviet Union and the U.S. during this period, communism was expanding and spreading (Gill, 2009).

In 1945, communist leaders formed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, however, after 30 years is when they had full control of the nation. Many individual argued that communist control must be stopped not just in Vietnam but for the sake of the countries neighboring it. Since Vietnam was bordered by nations that were under the communist control made it vulnerable to communism. Hence, individuals were worried that if the state becomes communist, then its neighboring states could be endangered, like the rest of the biosphere. President Eisenhower prophesied that if Vietnam tumbled then a cord of other nations would tumble after it, which turned out to be recognized as the domino theory for this cause (Berkman, 2011).