Bad advices to advertisers

Bad advice is to spend time and advertising budget to cover their advertising message to the maximum audience? After all, they do not always want to go on about the bloodthirsty advertisers, who dream only of big budgets and the festival of the victory.

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Do ads only when sales are growing!

To do advertising when sales go down – it means to dig his own grave and asking for dismissal. As is known, if sales grow, then it works fine. But if sales fall, then the advertising Department to work just not able.

Don’t look for new ways!

Why spend money on the creation of original creativity, if everything in this world has long been someone invented and used? Take the well-known print and fix it for themselves. Borrow a successful idea and adapt it to suit local realities!

Behave with the customer like a child!

In most cases he has no idea that his life should be, and what paste to brush your teeth this morning. Feel free every time to remind the user that no one except you to solve his problems and satisfy his needs is not able. Continue to persuaded that your product is the panacea for all world disasters.

Maximize your target audience!

Your product needs to buy as many people as possible. Therefore, the question of the Agency “Who’s your client?” should be answered “Everything!”. And even better describe in the brief target audience as “men of 25-50 years old that are focused on career,” but at the same time not to alienate the Housewives with children and adolescents.

Do everything at the last minute!

Advertising agencies used to work in “force majeure,” the creatives found it invigorating. Because, as you know, “deadline fear acts stronger than doping.” Once a week, change of goals and requirements, and even better adjust the brief the day before the presentation. And in General, the ideal brief is “better than all”.

Conduct more focus groups!

Any idea must first be run through several focus groups. As they say, “seven times conducted a focus group one time, do it my way.” At the last stage it is useful to ask all employees to evaluate your advertising. Don’t forget to take into account the wishes of the wife of the Director.

The task of the advertiser is to invent a problem and then offer a solution!

It’s called getting into the insight. Through advertising consumers are pretty concerned with germs under the rim of the toilet, the scum in washing machines and in search of the miraculous dairy products, Lactobacillus Casei, and Rhamnosus.

The maximum amount of information!

Ask to specify in the video or the layout of all the phone numbers and addresses of dealers, technical specifications, and the entire range of your products, location map and other useful buyers information. You paid for a full 30 seconds (the whole strip, etc) – everything will fit just fine! Oh, and the logo big sizes!

Make the layout the first time – it’s bad!

Designers need to work for your money and offer more options. Ask first to increase and then reduce the logo. Let them play with the fonts – there are so many beautiful fonts, all their sin not to use in your advertising.

Advertise only in Prime time and in the most conspicuous places!

Ranking and visibility is more important than hitting the target audience. No matter what is not working. Time and money on creative, production and media was spent. Conscience is clear. The main thing that the boss on the way to work noticed in outdoor advertising the fruits of your labor.

Creative does not sell!

Do not succumb to persuasion – advertising agencies only dream of, like for your account to go to Cannes for the festival. Creativity is just a vacuum cleaner designed to suck your money. Not worth the risk, because the consumer response to the bold advertising can be unpredictable.

Sex sells!

Feel free to follow the precepts of the grandfather of Freud. Nudity in advertising of any category of goods – the key to advertising success. Fashion calendar with naked employees were presented to all partners – this is a mandatory attribute of any modern company.