Best 5 Ways for Using the Instagram Live For Business Promotion

Best 5 Ways for Using the Instagram Live For Business Promotion

Instagram Live is the most used and popular feature of the Instagram story. This feature lets you connect with the world on live streaming. The Instagram live video can be used for multiple purposes, especially if you can use it for business promotion. There are a few tips that will help you in business promotion.

1. Run the Giveaway and Sales on Live

This technique is more beneficial and magnificent than other techniques. Run the discount giveaway using a contest winner generator and flash sales on video broadcasting is the best marketing methodology for increasing the sale ratio in a short moment.

Everyone in this world loves the flash sale and giveaway and they try that they won’t miss this opportunity.

In the flash sale, you are providing the discount or promo code to the audience and force them to buy the product. While running the sale on the video must put the deadline counter on the stream. It will put pressure on the audience to buy the product as soon as possible.

Similarly, you can run the live giveaway, in which you can ask the audience if you want to win the product then like it, comment on this live streaming and share with your friends. We suggest you announce the winner name in 24 hours and be sure no mess will create while you are announcing the name of the winner.

2. Teach the Audience about Product

Whenever you are releasing the new product in the market people don’t know how to use the product. In the live video, you can teach the audience about the product. You can show them the live demo of the product. These live sessions are for the short time or if you think that the video can go for a long time then make the modules such as in one part describe the use of the products, in the next part you can show the live demo by using the product and last module you will convince the audience for buying this product.

For shooting the demo you don’t need to use the professional cameras or HDR cameras. Just simply use your mobile camera and go for live broadcasting on Instagram live.

3. Host Question Answer Session on Live

According to the analysis, 80% of users on Instagram like to participate in the live video session. As the brand’s marketing manager you should go live for once in a week to communicate with your audience for increasing the interaction. You can do so many things on the live video such as you can tell them about your upcoming events and you can ask the question and the audience will answer or allow the users to ask the question and you will answer them and vice versa. If you want to gain more views on your Live video the first thing you can do you can buy Instagram story views or you can start the question-answer session on the live video.

Be sure the comment option will be turned on and the viewers can easily comment on the video and the comments should be visible to other views. It encourages new viewers to comment on the video. It is the best strategy for gaining maximum engagement in a short time.

Best 5 Ways for Using the Instagram Live For Business Promotion

4. Demonstrate the Events of the Company

As the businessman or brand’s owner you always busy in the meetings or attending the events. It is very hard to share the experience of the trips and events on the pictures and videos. What about if you share the live experience to your audience on the video call? Well, it is possible via Instagram live video. Keep the one extra person with yourself in the event just for covering the whole event in the live stream.

When you start the live video must mention the location of the event and tag the people with whom you are attending the event. By this strategy, your followers will come to know about your profession, about your lifestyle and market industry. The live event on Instagram will provide the opportunity for the viewers to learn, and if the viewers ask the question in the comment then they must reply and appreciate their question.

5. Use for New Product or Service Promotion

The Instagram Live video is the best opportunity for brands to promote their upcoming products, services or events. In social media marketing introducing your new products or services on the video camera and live is the best way for increasing more engagement with the audience and creating curiosity about the product in the people.

If you have a brand on a large scale and you are going to launch your product in the big event or you have arranged the inauguration ceremony of you product then login to your brand’s Instagram account and start the live video and let your audience the releasing of the new product live.

Best 5 Ways for Using the Instagram Live For Business Promotion

In the Live video, you can talk about the specifications of the product or service, if you are launching the product you can unbox it, or if you are launching any new service then you can describe the benefits that the user will gain after using the service. Encourage your audience for buying this product you can provide them a discount code.

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