Can foreigners buy houses in Ukraine?

Can foreigners buy houses in Ukraine?

Ukrainian laws impose almost no restrictions on the acquisition of real estate in Ukraine by foreigners. Legal transactions on real estate acquisition in Ukraine may be concluded by foreign nationals who have reached the age of 18.

Can I buy a flat in Ukraine?

Foreign citizens have the right to buy and to own any kind of apartments in Ukraine. There are no restrictions on buying any kind of property in Ukraine, except agricultural land.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Ukraine?

Summary: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,492$ (39,165₴) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 435$ (11,430₴) without rent….Cost of Living in Ukraine.

Restaurants Edit
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 11,270.82₴
Buy Apartment Price Edit
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 3,134.21₴

How can I get permanent residence in Ukraine?

To obtain a permanent residence permits from an alien, you must:

  1. Legal residence on the territory of Ukraine (must remain at least 15 working days before the end of the period of stay);
  2. Passport and its translation into Ukrainian, certified in the prescribed manner;

How can I get residence permit in Ukraine?

an application for an immigration permit. The application is submitted to an Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine (if the foreigner is abroad) or to the local office of the State Migration Service (at the place of residence in Ukraine). The application is to be submitted personally by a foreigner.

How much is permanent residence in Ukraine?


Type of service Price in UAH
01 Obtaining permanent residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage to a citizen of Ukraine 6132
02 Obtaining permanent residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of territorial origin 6132

How can I immigrate to Ukraine?

For persons legally staying in Ukraine – visit the territorial unit of SMS at your place of residence; Submit an application enclosing the passport and required documents; Receive the immigration permit at the place of application.

Where can I find real estate listings in Ukraine? is the first worldwide real estate search engine where you can look up listings of homes for sale in Ukraine. In the last three years, the price of a property for sale in Ukraine has bounced back to 500%, while real estate agents say that the growth limit has not yet been exhausted.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Ukraine?

Apartments and home in Ukraine now cost 1300 usd per square meter, which is about 50% more than a year ago. The average rent is 250-300 US dollars per month, 29% more than in 2006.

What kind of buildings are there in Ukraine?

Ukraine is interesting not only from a financial point of view. In its cities you can see a series of buildings built in Gothic style or Byzantine style, but also in Baroque style. In many cities there are cathedrals. Campaign above all has maintained its purity and dotted with beautiful small villages.

What to see and do in Ukraine as a tourist?

There are many tourist attractions to visit including: ancient castles, ruins, historical parks, monuments, vineyards, and much more. It also offers many cruises and luxury tours that can help visitors really appreciate the beauty of the country. Does it make sense to buy a Ukrainian home?